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maybe I was a little to drunk….

Ok, I am not really sure how I ended up where I was, but any ways….lol!!

We were at this bar on Saturday night, my girls and I. Dressed to the 9,s, lookin for some hot fucking action. Well we found it , in a couple of older guys, just loving all of our attentions,a nd us loving all of their cash!!!

about 5 chocolate martinis later, and a groping on the dance floor, I lost the older dude that had been spoiling me, along with my friends. Where does a girl go, drunken and staggering in a club to look for her chicas?? THE LADIES ROOM!! Well, apparently I wasnt to familiar with the club layout, and they had one of those fucking smog machines going, so it was hard to see…

I spied a door, and made my way to it.

Giggling i burst into the stall, thinking i would find my girlfriend in there.

Instead, i ended up face first in the lap of the old guy I had been dancing with! he was in there taking a dump, and here i am, my face in his crotch!!!

Well, he already had his pants down, and his cock was surprisingly large. I barely noticed the smell as I giggled again and took him into my mouth, drunken whore that I am~~~snicker~~~

He didnt know wtf hit his ass, I could tell he was vacilating between pinching one off, and enjoying his blowjob…I diont think I gave him much of a choice! before ya knew it, he was busting a nut in my mouth, one hand on the wall, the other on the back of my head! I barely had time to swallow all of it as I struggled to my feet. My mouth still full of  hiscum, I leaned in and kissed him deep on the mouth …”thanks for the martinis..” I gurgled, and ran from the room. In the hall outside I found my chicas waiting in line for the ladies room…the door right across!!ha!!OMFG!! I grabbed them and told them it was time to move the party down the street! On the way to the next club, i told them what had happened….i will never live that down!!!1_06.jpg

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