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If only my boyfriend knew..


Well my boyfriend has just not been getting the job done in the sex department at all.  So I have no option but to turn to other men to get me off.  I’m not the type of girl who can be committed to more than one guy so I have a slither of them.  Lately for whatever reason my sexual urges have beCUM stronger.  I find myself going to the clubs more often, my skirts are getting shorter and now I don’t even wait until I leave the club to let them FUCK me.  I will get on the dance floor and let them slide it right in my cunt while everyone is watching.  It’s gotten to the point that they are starting to line up after the first guy blows his wad right inside of me….it’s as if I should wear a sign that says “who’s next”.   I have made such a habit of this.  I don’t know if it’s the thrill of everyone watching me be a slut or the feel of a new cock inside my wet cunt.  My mother always said I was an exhibitionist but who would have thought.   Well if you are looking for  a slut with no strings attached you know where to find me.  I just love new cock.

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