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Cream for My Coffee, Sugar?

I have to say, one of the best things about this job is the lasting relationships you develop with some outstanding people!! We always have the best calls, so much adventure, and sooo much HOT SEX!! Some of the best sex ever is had in the morning.. before the dawn breaks…. picture the scene:

you roll over in bed, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills your nostrils… you stretch….your foot grazes something soft at the foot of the bed. You feel my hair brush against your leg, as I make my way up your body, start dragging my tongue across your cock  making it slick, as I continue my journey.

I slip one leg acroos you as I settle my pussy down onto you, squeezing as I go you moan as you push up inside of me, grabbing my hips as I rock back and forth….

sounds good, right?

Of course!! And thats why until the end of June, I am offering %20  off of wake-up tuck-in calls, and morning blowjobs!!

Stroke you soon!!


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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No hope for tiny dicks!


Wow, what a variety of calls I’ve had this weekend! Tiny dicks in need of humiliation. Wimpy sissy cucksucker sounding freaks that love to hear about how I would gleefully kick them in the balls just for pretending to be male… watching and laughing as my thick cocked boy beats him up for my amusement… boys from my old stomping grounds calling to tell me how desperately they need a girl like me in their lives to control them and own them lol…

Even pussyboy snuck a call after sending me new, humiliating pics of his lil ‘peepee’ as he likes to call it. Now, this boy has sent in some pictures before, but I don’t think any of them have made it so painfully obvious how in need of total subservience this bitch really is. I’ve tightened the reigns on this lil dicklet. He’s no longer allowed to cum at all unless I’m on the phone with him and feel like allowing it. The sad part is that the second picture was taken after it became ’swollen’ hahaha! tsk tsk tsk beware ladies, this could be the package of the man you flirt with that drives a Corvette or rides a Harley like my lil pussyboy here does LMFAO!

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