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Hey Sugar Daddy, spoil me!

Want to see my legs spread? Flowers and candy just wont do it…. I need to see some sparkle. The bigger the shine, the wider the spread.Back when I was dancing, I had my share of sugar daddies…they did it allll for me. Rent.Cars.Clothes.Gifts.Vacations. Spoiled me every chance they got. Most started out as regulars at the club, fequent visits to the VIP room…you know the deal…

But they never wanted it to end there. So I guess you could say I was very content to be a kept woman!Nothing makes my pussy drip like the site of some diamond earrings, or a shopping trip to Tiffanys! Once, in NYC, my favorite Shugah took me to Niemans…handed me his card and said, what ever makes you purr, Kitten…go for it! Well half way thru the store I couldnt contain my enthusiasm, and pulled him into the dressing room! The sales girls stood guard like sentrys, as if this sort of thing happened all the time! We fucked like animals in the back of the cab on the way to the Ritz, In the elevator on the way up to the suite, and on the balcony overlooking the spectacular city lights! That man made me cum with just the site of his open wallet….. He knew I was the kinda girl who would show my appreciation ten-fold, for his bill-fold!

Doesnt that make you wanna spoil a sweet Princess?096kup.jpg

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