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Lets masturbate together…

What exactly is it your cock craves?  That is a pretty important factor here, now isn’t it?  I mean this is all about your cock isn’tJulia it?  Your satisfaction?  Your needs?

Ohh don’t worry about my needs, all I need is to rub my pussy while satisfying your cock.  That is what gets me off.

So back to figuring out what it is your cock craves.  Dirty and hard?  Soft and sensual?  So many fetishes and roleplays to choose from.  Pick one, lube up that hard cock and dial my number….

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BrookeIt was party night on campus and we headed out that night to have some fun. I had just broken up with my boyfriend last week and was looking to let loose. I met my girlfriends at Tri-Delta which had the best parties except for the super bitch Chelsey. Every party she would hit on other’s peoples boyfriends even though she had a boyfriend name Matt. Chelsey was going to marry for his money but cheated on him without his knowing. Well tonight happened to be Chelsey’s birthday and she was pretty drunk by the time I got there. Chelsey was hitting on Jeremy from the football team but he was dating one of my friends. Jeremy couldn’t stand her either cause she has been trying to get in his pants for years. So Jeremy and I decided to give her a little birthday present. I found Matt who was bummed out again with Chelsey being so drunk. I told him that Chelsey had a fantasy of going into a bedroom finding him tied to the posts blindfolded and screwing him without her saying a word and she would love it as a birthday present. He asked me if I could help him pull off this fantasy. “Oh sure sweety!!!!”  He stripped down under the covers as he stuck out his hands and feet. After I was done tying him up, I put the blindfold on and told him that I was getting Chelsey. His boner lifted the bedsheets waiting for his lover. After a few moments, I entered the room again in total darkness. Matt shouted out “Happy Birthday baby!”  I didn’t speak a word but I slide my hand under the sheets. I could feel my nipples getting so hard and my panties starting to get wet. I wasn’t living out Chelsey’s fantasy, it was MY fantasy! I climbed aboard and rode his cock along the lips of my pussy as he moaned with excitement. I then grabbed his cock and slide down right into my pussy rocking my hips back and forth like I was riding a horse. It wasn’t going to be long now before he was going to explode as he was moaning louder. I heard the door starting to open and the lights come on. Matt was cumming so hard and loud that he didn’t hear the door open. Jeremy timed it just perfect so that the bitch could see me fucking her man as we both had the best orgasm. She was so shocked that she shouted “Oh MY GOD” as she passed out. Matt caught his breath and said “Glad I could give you your fantasy hot thing!”  I quickly grabbed my clothes and give Matt a quick kiss and whispered in his ear “Thanks for coming in my fantasy!”

~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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Mother/Son Bonding Time

debi- 866-649-3992Today was kinda fun. My son hopped in my bed at about 8:30 am and started rubbing my tits. I had a long nite-shirt on and he was rubbing over my shirt. My nipples started to get hard, so his head went under my shirt and I felt his little mouth on one nipple, my right one, and his thumb and forefinger on my left one. Instantly, my pussy became wet. My hand, instinctively, went to his little crotch area. He didn’t have any clothes on. I started to rub his little cock and he started sucking harder on my nipple. Suddenly, his mouth left my nipples, and I felt his fingers opening my pussy lips. I felt that sweet warm tongue sliding up and down my narrow pussy slit. He focused on my clit some. He took it in between his teeth and bit a little, then sucked a little. I put my own hands on my tits and began to rub my nipples. He was sucking, furiously. At that instant, I yelled out “Oh baby, yes make Mommy cum”….and I came. I squirted right into his little mouth. He came up with this huge smile on his face. He knew that he had just made Mommy very happy. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be his turn.

Mommy Debi

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Spanking Phonesex!

You’ve been needing a long hard spanking and you’re going to get it right now.  I told you when you married me that you’ve need a female disciplinarian in your life for much too long. Now get your pants down around your ankles and bend over this chair.  I’ve had enough of your macho male behavior and a good haMarlenerd spanking is the only thing that will produce the attitude adjustment I expect from you. 

 I’m going to turn that pale white ass of yours crimson red.  I think I’ll use the hairbrush again. I loved the way it made you yelp the last time I blistered your backside.  Or maybe I’ll use the leather strap this time.  That supple leather feels so good in my hand as I bring it down and apply that stinging heat to your ass.  Or maybe it’s time for a dose of the cane.  I’m sure a dozen cane strokes would get your attention.  Now lift up that ass and don’t you dare clench those cheeks.  This spanking is going to leave your bottom aching for a week.


Call your spanking phone sex Mistress Marlene now.

Marlene :)
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Fuck Slut Becky

BeckyI love to suck cock, I am a total oral slut really. I love to be face fucked. I wanna gag on that big cock of yours shove it deep into my throat then keep it there and gag me till I cant breathe. Lay me down and ram your cock down my throat as you pull my hair and shove my face up and down on your rock hard cock.Spank my pussy while ramming your masculine manhood meat down my hot
wet throat. Let me get your beautiful cock nice and wet so you can shove that massive meat into my hot, pink pussy. Dip that hard throbbing cock in my pussy a few times then surprise me with it inside my ass. Make me scream and make my ass gape open!

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I’m such a cock teaser!

I had a date tonight. He came back to my house after and it was so amusing. I believe he was under the mistaken impression he was going to get something from me. He kept trying to touch me and to be honest I was just having to much fun frustrating him. I would kiss him a little and when I felt his hand slid up my side to cup one of my breasts I would smack it. Haha. My roommate and I giggled and giggled when I finally told him “I’m tired, its time for you to leave.” and he left with a huge bulge in his pants and such a sad little look on his face. An hour later he called me phone and I sent him to voice mail and then he texted me to say “That was the best date I’ve had in a long time, you’re so beautiful…Can I take out again this weekend?” I texted back “Maybe” Haha. This weekend it will be entirely the same, tease tease tease and no please. And I think I’ll get my roommate in on it. I wonder if he can handle two teases. Can you…?

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Kinky Kira

Wanted: Sex slaves, to be my good little pussy pleaser and do whatever I say. Crawl to me and apply between my legs.

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One Track Mind


Maybe, it’s just me because I’m so sex starved. Who knows. I’m a girl with a one track mind. I want. I want. I want. Cock is like crack for me. I need it inside of me in order to make me feel good 24/7 I sit in front of my computer and I start thinking about sex and I can’t help but to finger myself on my computer chair. I see a good looking guy on tv and all I want to do is quickly pull my panties off and start to rub my clit. Why am I so horny!??!

Jesse :)
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