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Brother/Sister Action

My older brother came to visit me this past weekend. It was great having him all to myself for the weekend. His girlfriend had just broken up with him though so he was pretty bummed out. I decided to cheer him by getting us both really wasted! I’m not sure if it was the booze but he was really flirty with me!  At one point, he even started rubbing my tits! I’ve always been attracted to him but I never thought anything would actually happen.

I started to feel pretty tired, so I told him I was heading to bed. Before I knew it, we were on my bed making out and somehow his rock hard cock in my hands. He felt so good in my mouth, and my pussy was dripping!

I’m so turned on just thinking about it! I loved getting my brother off  and tasting all that cum in my mouth! Call me for more explicit details or maybe we can do an incest fantasy of our very own!

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I Love My Big Tits

And let’s face it…you love them too. I’ve got the perfect pair of titties for your mouth and your thick cock. I love showing them off and teasing all the guys with my hot tits. It makes my tight pussy drip just thinking about how hard I can make you. I know you want a taste of them…my hard puffy nipples excite you. Take me. Force me to my knees and make me take your stiff cock deep in my mouth…slide it in between my tits and give me your cum.

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Sex-Starved Marine

CameronOne of my hot flings that I love to fuck is home from from the military. While he was gone I had a lot of hot fucks to keep me going. I thought a getaway would be good just hop in the truck and go. We both where so horny we didn’t make it that far. We pulled off at this little motel. I felt myself getting very excited. I was dying to feel that cock. I slowly started to kiss and caress him. It wasn’t long before he was begging to fuck me. My pussy was soaking wet by this time. Tearing our clothes off.. Grabbing his ass cheeks pulling him on top of me. I couldn’t take it anymore. He ran his cock up and down my slit. Grinding my pussy against his cock teasing him. I grabbed that thick cock and worked it right into my pussy. Fucking me like it was the first time. I moved in ecstasy. I had one of the greatest orgasms that night.My legs, raised high in the air, where soon wrapped around his neck. Pulling him deeper and deeper in me. He pumped faster. Making my pussy throb. Shooting his hot load in my hungry little cum filled box.

Cum fill my little box up !!



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