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Cum and watch me



I love being watched by a bunch of men while they watch me masturbate. There cocks in hand ready to jerk it right onto my body. My hands cupping my breasts pinching my nipples nice and hard. My breathing getting heavy. I can feel all eyes on me, watching every move. Spreading my lips open. Inserting a finger in my pussy for a quick second as I gasp.. everything in the room stops. My body wants that sensation. Pulling my finger out of my pussy. Using my sweet juice to lube my clit rubbing it harder in a circular motion. Moaning with more pleasure. Arching my back this time and thrusting my pelvis forward, moving my body toward that sensation. I’m so eager for more penetration. Shoving my index finger right into my dripping pussy. Two fingers pumping in and out of me, steady and hard pounding. Fantasizing about one of these cocks so bad. My breathing became so hard while I was working toward that release. Feeling the tension building. I wanted to explode. As my body stiffens and my back arches. Sending a wave right through them when I cum. I am surrounded by a multi cock cum fountain waiting for it to explode all over my body.

Sloppy Cum Kisses



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Lust In An Elevator

CallieNever in my wildest dreams did I expect this to happen!  I guess I should expect it though any place at any time because I’m a nymphomaniac.  But the other day, I had to go to a hospital downtown to pick up an elderly patient and take them home to their retirement place.  Which involved me going up to the tenth floor personally to retrieve them.  When I got on the elevator, it was just me and this incredibly gorgeous resident named James (that’s what it said on his badge anyway, I’m a very observant nympho, I guess - still, it was nice to get his name).  I think we were going to the same floor but can’t remember.  All I know is that he stalled that damned elevator on the 3rd floor LOL.  Gorgeous and he was stopping the elevator for us MMMMMMMM.  He had been checking me out and me him.  No foreplay.  Him lifting my short skirt, bare underneath, me unzipping his fly so fast, him picking me up, putting my dripping wet pussy down on his hot, hard throbbing cock, propping me against the side of the elevator, lifting me up and down on that thick, bulging cock.  Oh God, I was loud, screaming and moaning, he was groaning, he was so tight in me, I was squirting all over his cock and balls.  He had to try to kiss me to keep me halfway quiet.  Then he started slamming me against the elevator wall until he shot his huge load all over inside of my cunt.  It seemed like we fucked forever and it took me a long time to cum down.  I can just imagine how wild we looked cumming out of that elevator on the tenth floor!

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