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Tease & Denial with Princess Callie

  I know you love spoiling your Princess Callie! You would do practically anything for me and you kiss the ground I walk on. My body is a temple and you spend every aching minute worshiping me.

I tell you just to sit and relax and I will do a sexy strip tease and show you my gorgeous body. Looking at me and my stunning curves makes your cock so hard. I walk over to you and tie your hands around your back. Looks like someone won’t be stroking their cock! Bad boy- did you think Princess Callie was going to let you have all the fun! You can look but you can’t touch! I love teasing your cock with my body. Tease and denial phone sex is so much fun because I will give you what you can’t have.

Callie accepts credit cards for Phone Sex at 1-877-861-6733
Learn more about her at her Naughty Cab Confessions Phone Sex Website

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