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Let Me Make It Better

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s the perfect time to let you inner freak and naughty side come out. I usually let that side out most of the time but I do enjoy seeing everyone else’s side come out too. In my house, the closet in my spare bedroom happens to hold pretty much every costume you can imagine. I never have to go shopping for a Halloween costume, I just open up my closet and decide what I’d like to be this year. I usually dress up in several different costume, a different one for every party I am invited to. Last night I went to a Halloween Sex Party and I dressed up in one of my many Nurse’s costumes. I love really getting into the role of whatever I am for the night. Halloween is the perfect time to be a nurse or a dr, there are so many bloody and dead costume and it’s of course my duty to try and save or bring them back from the dead! I had so much fun last night and hopefully you and I can have the same kind of fun tonight on the phone!


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I’ve Got Cock On My Mind!

JesseMan, my tight teen twat needs a big, thick cock stuffed inside me right about now. I had such a busy day today and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but COCK. Several people asked me while I was having a conversation with them, if I was even listening, LOL. I guess my mind drifted off and was thinking perverted thoughts. I honestly just couldn’t wait to get home, strip off my clothes, crawl in my bed and stroke my pussy while I talk dirty to you. Ahh.. that’s all I wanted to do and now that I am finally home, I can’t wait to have a very explosive orgasm with you. I’m hot, naked and ready to fuck! Let’s do it!

Juicy Jesse

Jesse :)
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