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Steamy Encounters

It is late at the 24 hour gym and there are just of few of us tonight. I am on that treadmill, working extra hard to work off those extra weekend calories. Well maybe that is not what is driving me to work out this hard. Rhianna is playing on my iPod and I am watching you work out over in weight area. Watching your body move as you lift your weights is making me crazy. I can feel my feet pounding on the treadmill, faster and faster, as I watch you move. I become so turned on by you.

My eyes are glued to you as you work through your circuit and then head off to the locker room. All the sudden, without you to look at, I decide that I am done. I grab my towel and water and head off to the showers. I am so hot and sweaty. I see you right in front of me and watch you enter the men’s locker room. I have always been a naughty girl and done a lot of really crazy things. I love the taste of forbidden fruit. I don’t have a lot of impulse control when I am this turned-on. I hesitate for a minute and I hear the shower running in the men’s locker room. I imagine you standing their naked in the shower. I look around behind me. I see no one. I open the door to the empty men’s locker room and that manly scent encourages me to walk towards you in the shower.

I stand right in front of your shower and open it. You are so startled. You say, “You are not supposed to be in here.” I slip out of my running top and running shorts (panties and all) and say, “Do you want me to leave?” Standing there naked, you pull me into the shower with you. You pull me into your arms right under the hot steamy shower. We kiss each other with such passion and desire. Our hands exploring each other’s naked bodies as the hot shower water pounds on our tight hot sweaty bodies.

I feel how hard you are for me. I drop down to my knees and you pull back my long dark wet hair. I look up at you and then take you into my mouth. I suck your cock slowly and I can tell you like it. The hot shower water is hitting the back of my shoulders. You thrust your cock deeper into my mouth, arch your body and let out this incredible moan. Finally, you pull me up to you. We kiss again. You press my body into the wall and then your body against me. You lift me up and my strong sexy legs wrap around your waist. My pussy grinds against your cock until your hard cock penetrates me. Now, I let out this incredible, intense moan. I cling to you as you hold me up and fuck me so hard against that cold brick shower call. You make me cum and then I feel you cum right inside of me.

You hold me and slowly set me down to prevent me from falling. We kiss under that steamy shower. I look into your bright sparkling eyes. I say, “Hi, I am Brooke.”

Want to hear what happens next? Call me and find out!



~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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Touching Myself for You

I love it when you call.

I love hearing your voice. You have no idea what the sound of your voice does to me. It gets me so excited. Just knowing you are thinking about me makes me wet. I get that itch to just run my hand down my body and feel myself. You make me feel alive and when I feel really alive, it’s when I am touching my pussy for you. I love how you tell me what to do. I love how you can control me even when you are so far away. You tell me how fast or how hard, you tell me if I can use toys. You take over control of my pleasure and that makes it so hot for me. Just thinking about you, makes me want to touch myself. You have no idea how badly I wish you would call me right now. I need to touch myself for you and I know you want to hear me cum. So what are you waiting for?

Call me.

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Sissy Lover

There is nothing like a panty boy in full bloom. Wearing your best panties, lingerie, and thigh highs and plenty of make up to make you look like the whore you really are. I want you to stand before me to be inspected. I know I wont be disappointed. You might need a little work but I will help you with that. I will teach you everything that you are lacking. I know you will do your best to look like the perfect girlie-girl for me. You even know how to sit pretty with your legs crossed in a prissy manner.
You are the perfect submissive treat for me. I know deep down inside you want to beg me to whip out the strap-on and slam your tight little cunny like no one has before.



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