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His Secret Black Cock Fetish

He pretends to not want to discuss another mans cock but it does not take long for me to really see that he fucking craves cock; especially black horse dick. Once he told me a twisted little tale about how he drives over to a part of town where black men hang out just to sit in his car and watch them all the time stroking his own cock until he exploded his load and wishing for black cock to suck. I asked him if he wanted me to set him up with some of my black friends and he jumped at the chance to feel another mans cock shoved in his man hole. Once my friends arrived, he could hardly contain his excitement or his own stiff cock and let me just say it took only minutes for him to drop to his knees and beg for those black dicks. Seeing him get his mouth filled with cock was such a turn on! Call me and let me tell you the end of this story.


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Wanting More!


I have a weird thing to confess. I have had lots of really good sex, well great sex, but I have never truly reached that “spent” feeling. I have always been left still wanting more and more sex. I think maybe I am a nympho or something. I cum a lot, so it isn’t that i don’t have great orgasms. I do!!! I never keep track of how many times because there are too many to count. Even after a night of GREAT sex, I mean GREAT session of him pounding the fuck out of me, cumming twice in my pussy, he falls into a deep sleep and I lie in bed masturbating his sweet cum in my pussy because it is still tingling. I am still so full of energy. I can’t wait until morning when I can wake him up with a blowjob, so we can have more sex.

I have been thinking about planing a gangbang. Just me and a bunch of a guys from the apartment building. They take turns fucking me as hard as they can for as long as they can. They all fill me up with load after load of hot white cum, all three holes, all night long. I want them to continue fucking me until I say…Wow, I am done! I think it will take all weekend. Good thing this is a big building. I think this is what it is going to take to satisfy this hot sexy slut!


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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Your Lap Dance Girl, Your Special Cocktease

Come to me!  Watch me at the Strip Club!  You will find me irresistible! You request a private dance in a VIP Room. I slip you out of your jacket and your business tie. I bind your hands together behind your back.  I whisper, “You are all mine.  I can touch you anyway, anywhere I want, but you can look but not touch me,” I am truly a wicked dominate sexy bitch.

NYC is my playground and you are my sexy little play thing.  My hand slips into your pocket.  I pull out your wallet and laugh as I pull out a couple of the large bills and rub them over my nipples and then my white thong under my tiny skirt. That makes you hard doesn’t it?  You like giving money to you.  You know I deserve it!  You know I am the best lap dance girl here.  I slip out of my panties and give you a naked, wet pussy lap dance.  I grind and wiggle my pussy and ass all over your naked cock and balls.  You know you love it.  You love how hard I can make it.  I love that I have all the power and all the control here.

I keep your cock hard for so long, but don’t allow you to cum. I tease your cock, rub your balls.  You feel my pussy dripping all over you.  I know, Baby!  I am driving you crazy.

You time is up!  I leave your cock hard and your wallet empty! Go fill up your wallet and come back and see me for more.


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My Cheerleader Coach

I have a secret to share with you: Every time I get home from Cheerleading practice I immediately have to play with myself. I have a huge crush on my cheerleader coach. She’s beautiful with long blonde hair, tight round ass and perfect D tits. When I see her jump around my teen pussy instantly gets soaked. I think about rubbing our pussies together and making her feel so good.

I have this blow-up doll that my ex boyfriend left at my house and I sometimes use it and fantasize that I am fucking her. I put on my 8 inch strap-on and fuck the hell out of the doll. I can’t stop thinking about her and wondering what her pussy taste like.

One time I saw her showering in the girls locker room and I wanted to walk up to her so bad and just start playing with her wet, beautiful tits. I am so mad at myself that I chickened out.

I think next practice I will make a move on her. Not too many guys/girls have tuned down a slut like me so I am hoping she is willing to give me that Cheerleading Coach pussy that I have drooling over!


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Mommy Phone Sex

Even though I am not a mother, I have very nurturing ways about myself. I love Mommy Phone Sex calls and guys adore my full, voluptuous mommy-like breasts. You might have a naughty secret that you’re dying to explore with someone who can fulfil all your Mommy fantasies. I tend to make things more of a reality and I always go the extra mile to make my special little boy happy.

I am always up for any kind of role-play and if you don’t have anything in mind, your naughty Mommy will be sure to come up with something so taboo that your dick will surely explode.

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