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Welcome To My Bedroom!

Welcome To My Bedroom!

My bedroom is my favorite place to be and that’s were my imagination runs wild. I have a night stand filled with sex toys and some days I don’t even leave my room. I could masturbate all day and night and if you were with me, there’s no way I would let you escape my sex sanctuary.

My closet is filled with sexy lingerie and hot role-playing costumes that would defiantly entice your cock.

How about I tie you to my bedpost while I give you the hottest strip tease you’ve ever had?

So, welcome to my bedroom! Let’s get naked and let the naughty games begin!

My toll free number that rings directly to my bedroom- 877.292.5338


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Summer School

I thought summer school would be totally boring but it turns out that it’s been the highlight of my summer. The first few days sucked and my teacher Mr. Harrison was boring and I thought my summer vacation was completely ruined. After a couple of days, I caught my teacher checking me out and he even gave me an assigned seat right in front of the class. As his reward, I showed up the next day wearing no panties under my skirt and gave him a peep show he couldn’t resist. We were totally eye fucking each other and I made my move at the end of class. I stayed behind while everyone left when the bell rang. I closed the door and walked over to his desk and grabbed his cock. He first resisted and said we can’t do this but then after my barely legal hands got a good grip of his cock he soon changed his mind. The best part is that Mr. Harrison has the biggest cock I’ve had! I have been with huge black cocks and I can’t believe that my summer school teacher has the biggest of them all. It looks like a porn cock, it’s beautiful and I can’t wait for class to be over with everyday because that big, thick, veiny cock is all mine. It turns out Mr. Harrison isn’t so boring after all!

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I Want Your Cum

I would defiantly say I am a girly girl. My favorite color is pink and never liked getting my hands dirty. One thing that may surprise you is that when it comes to cum, I love getting messy. From the looks of me, you think I look prim and proper but when it comes to sex, I want to be dripping from head to toe with your massive load. Just thinking about your hot jizz all over my body is making my pussy wet.

My favorite place to receive your cum is in my mouth so I can taste you. Of course, I love it in my ass and pussy and I can always get a hearty scoop with my finger and savor it in my mouth. I enjoy when you drain your balls on my gorgeous tits. I can really work your cock up again by squeezing my already cum drenched breasts together and titty fuck you into another orgasm.

There’s many spots on my body where I want you to cum. Call me and tell me where you would like to put your first load. Let’s drain those balls. Call me, I’m hungry!



Erotic Erin


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Extreme and Everything in Between

When a girl says to you “Oh yeah, I do it all” you think this is going to be good! 5 minutes or less into the conversation you’re starting to think she’s not really into it and she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. That would drive me bonkers!

I hate fake so that is one thing you will not get from me. I love it all and I mean ALL! Once I hear your horny voice on the other end of my phone, I start rubbing my pussy. I love the most extreme fantasies to the mild vanilla ones.

Call me with your sick, twisted thoughts and let’s get off to the most extreme and everything in between!

Bang Bambi- 877-399-6245

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Piece of Tail

I have a bit of a naughty confession to share with you. Last night was a really exciting, crazy night. The heat seems to bring out the “animal instincts” in all of us here at night in the Big Apple. I was at a club wearing my hot pink dress with black panties and sexy bra, and of course, black sexy heels. I think I looked pretty hot! I felt pretty sexy, but there were tons of sexy girls at the club.

I overhead an extremely sexy guy tell the bartender that he was looking for a hot piece of tail tonight as he ordered his drink. Something about him intrigued me. He was confident, a little arrogant, cocky, but a total hottie! I walked behind him and asked him if he could order me a drink since he had the bartender’s attention. He checked me out by looking me up and down (nothing subtle about this guy…lol)

After a little get to know you chit-chat, he wanted to take me back to his place overlooking the Park…nice, and then he said he had roommates. He said the roomies wouldn’t bother us. He really wanted to show me the view of the Park. I said I didn’t mind roommates. (Maybe that was the wrong thing to say…lol)

He took me out onto the balcony when we first got to his place. He took off my dress right there and we were making out in the middle of the night. He bent me over a table and fucked me from behind. It was really intense, a little rough, and very exciting, stimulating fuck! In other words, he was fucking my brains out!

After he came, (a little sooner than I would have liked), he took me inside the apartment where all five of his roommates were now up and waiting for me. Well, I confess I fucked them all! One right after the other! I ended up sleeping on the sofa, exhausted and naked.

I woke up this morning, found my bra and panties, but remembered my dress and heels were out on the balcony. I walked out to the balcony and saw an older couple enjoying the paper and the paper next door on their balcony. I smiled and waved, grabbed my things and slipped back went back inside the apartment. I dressed quickly in my cocktail dress and heels, feeling a little slutty. The guys were just waking up and getting ready for work. One of them grabbed my ass and asked me to come back soon!

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Sex OUT of the City!

NYC is as about HOT of city as it gets! Well, like just like every where else this summer, it has been a little too hot. My apartment doesn’t have a great a/c, so spending month of July at the Shore. Lots of Cocktails and Hot Cock here! Having a great summer. Wish you could all come and join me here, but you could call me we could share a passionate, hot sexy time together.

~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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Mesmerized by your cock

My pulse quickens when I see you unzip your pants. Even before you pull your cock out, my mouth begins to water with anticipation. Without even thinking I shed my clothes and get down on my knees. Taking you in my mouth is the only care in the world that I have right now. I work my mouth all the way down your shaft and I can feel your knees almost buckle. Mmmm. Your cock is pressing up against the back of my throat. Don’t worry, you can go deeper. I want you to, keep pressing. My hand is massaging your balls, they’re holding the cum that I’m craving. It won’t be long now. Your saliva covered cock is sliding in and out of my warm mouth. It’s right where it belongs. As you begin to breathe a little harder, I match my strokes to your thrusts. I dig my nails into your ass and it puts you over the edge. Wave after wave of your hot cum pours into my throat. I swallow it all. Only a small drop escapes the the side of my mouth. As I pull back to look up at you, my index finger finds it and brings it back to my tongue. I stand back up without breaking eye contact. How was your day baby? You don’t say a word and just smile and take me in your arms.



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