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Sucks to be you

Why don’t you pull down your pants and show me what your really working with down there. Now, you call that a cock??? LOL It’s actually disappointing you should be ashamed. Let me ask you, how do you plan on pleasing a beautiful woman like me with a penis that size? It’s not even close to average. A girl like me needs a big fat cock to fill me up. Did you think I would actually give you the time of day?

Fucking your tiny pin dick would be the most unsatisfying fuck ever.


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Uniform Fetish Phone Sex

Do you have a uniform fetish? I have a thing for guys in uniform and I was wondering if it was the same when you see a hot woman dressed in one? I know my pussy gets wet when I see a sexy fire fighter or a hot military man fighting for our country.

What if you saw me in a uniform like my picture? Would it excite you to the point where you throw me against the wall and hike up my uniform and fuck me right then and there?

I always had a fantasy of fucking a police officer in uniform. In my fantasy, he pulls me over and tells me to get out of my car. He’s gets forceful and tells me to turn around and bends me over. He frisks me and finds out what a naughty girl I am for not wearing any panties. He takes his cock out of his pants and shoves it deep in my pussy. He fucks my tight lil hole still wearing his uniform.

I want to hear about your uniform fetish. Have you ever seen a hot nurse that excited you? Or maybe a really sexy flight attendant that makes you want to be a member of the Mile High Club. I want to hear about your uniform fetish or we can come up with a really naughty fantasy of our own.


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Lexi does it all

I can hear the noises your making from down the hallway. I can’t help myself to see what my precious boy is doing. I peek into your room and see you stroking your cock while I stand in the door way admiring how you use your tool, your hand going faster and faster. It’s makes Mommy very excited. My fingers start rubbing my clit I can feel myself getting wetter by each tug of my clit. Easing my way over to your bed leaning forward to give you a little kiss. I strip down to nothing and climb into bed with you, my big breasts pressed up against your soft body. I place my hand over yours so I can finish you off. I want to show you just how much I really do care. You’ll always be my special fuck.





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All tied up

He guided me back to the bed and told me to lie down. The anticipation was running wild through my veins. He slipped the ropes over my hands and told me that he had a surprise for me. I was soon blind folded and tied to the bed under his control. In a stern voice he told me I had to do whatever he asked of me with no questions asked. I could feel his hands tracing my nipples pinching them hard. I winced a little from the pain and then let out a slight moan from the pleasure. I could feel him bending over me. His wet mouth wrapped around my nipple gently biting and tugging on it. I was really starting to enjoy him having complete control over my body. He worked his way down to my stomach placing his mouth over my pussy holding it steady. Feeling his warm breath against me. I begged him to slide his tongue into my pussy. He continued to tease me with his mouth, reminding me who was in charge. He continued down my body sliding his tongue up and down my thigh leaving a wet trail. Leaving my pussy aching for him.
I yearn for your touch, to be used by you in every way. I will serve you like a good little pet.

Forever yours,


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