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Longing for your pleasure again

I long for the pleasure we share with each other. My chest pressed up against your rock hard body. Your mouth is only a whisper away, your hand caressing my hips as you cross my stomach. Your finger tips find my wet aching pussy as you circle your fingers teasing me. Sliding your fingers into my wetness feeling my tightness. I can feel you driving deeper into me. My head tilts back begging you not to stop. Your fingers really working into a rhythm now I can’t control the wetness building up for you. Leaning in to kiss me our tongues dancing with each other. I can feel my thighs clench together, but it magnifies the ache and the thought of how much I need you inside me again. Your hot fingers run through my swollen folds, swirling around not once but twice. A gasp leaves my mouth while I spread my legs wider for you.
I’m all yours, take me again.


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Glory Hole Sissy Slut

I took one of sissy sluts to one of my favorite sex toy shops the other day. He thought we were going to pick out a new toy but little did my sissy slut know, I had something else in mind. We got there and I escorted him to the back room. He was curious what we were doing and I explained to him he was going to be my little cock sucking whore because this was a glory hole. My sissy was a little nervous at first but once that first stranger cock poked through the hole, he got into position and sucked away. I have to admit, it was hot watching my sissy suck cock after cock from random guys. He guzzled every cum load and I was so proud of my glory hole slut because I taught him everything I know.

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