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Satisfying Unhappy Customers

I’ve been working at a bike shop part time. It’s all new to me and I’ve been kind of fucking up lately. I accidentally ordered the wrong parts for a customer’s bike, setting him back a day. He’s really pissed because it’s bike week and he’s going to this huge Harley Davidson fest and he won’t have his bike on time. He seems like the type of guy you really don’t want to mess with.

I had no other choice but to try and calm him down and offer him a blowjob. He seemed surprised by my offer and told me to get on my knees in his very stern voice. I dropped to my knees right in front of the store window and he unbuttoned his jeans and shoved his big, massive cock into my mouth. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and face fucked me till I couldn’t breath. I guess he was taking out all of his aggregation on my mouth. He was pumping his cock so far down my throat, I thought I was going to swallow it. He gave me a big, fat load to gulp down.

After he got done raping my mouth, he said if his bike wasn’t here in a few days he would want something much more than a blowjob.

Jesse :)
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Black Boots


Bring me home from the bar. Watch me take off all my clothes, except for my fucking sexy black boots. Help me slip off my tiny thong over my boots. Touch my boots with your fingers. Lick up my boots until you reach that fleshy part of my creamy white thighs. Lie between my legs and lick my sweet wet pussy. Make me cum on your face. I rub the tip of my leather boots against your balls and you moan. You grab the high heel of my boots and thrust into my pussy. Fuck me! Deep! Hard! Fast!

Fuck me!

These boots were made for fucking!


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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