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Love BBC

I have to admit that I really love big black cock.  I like trolling in the hottest nightclubs here to find the sexiest black guys with really large cocks.   Who can blame me? I have created a special friend list on my phone which I call, “BBC.”  Sometimes, I don’t have time to go clubbing.  All I do is go through my special list and text one of my former guys who showed my tight little white girl pussy a very good time.  I text and we hook-up.  Black guys never say no.  They can’t wait to fuck me again. 

Why don’t you give me a call and I will share my experience with BBC!  Maybe I will share!


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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My Mystery Man

I have a new neighbor that just moved in a few doors down. I can feel some sexual chemistry between us. So, I thought I would start to strut my stuff and throw on a short little skirt and a tiny tight top along with my stilettos. Who doesn’t like a hot blond dressed like that? I knew that would get his attention for sure. I bumped into him yesterday and asked him if he wanted to come over for a drink and hang. The conversation was going great. I was pouring some wine in the kitchen and I could feel him behind  me. His strong hands on my waist and immediately my head titled back on his chest and he pushed my hair away from my neck, kissing my shoulder. His wet tongue running up and down my skin was sending shivers through my body. Making me react instantly. My pussy started throbbing, my wetness building up, and my nipples erect I needed him bad. He raised my hands above my head removing my tiny top as he let out a sexy seductive laugh. He knew exactly what I wanted.  *winks*

Are you ready for an orgasmic explosion running through our bodies? I know I’m ready for some more fun!


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