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Turn me on

I feel you shift your weight as you settle between my legs. I can only focus on how you are going to please me. How I’m going to use you for my pleasure. Your finger tracing my pussy on my wet thong. I breath out catching the scent of the candles you lit for a romantic evening. I tilt my head back roll my eyes, don’t you know I am here for one thing only. Your fingers now rub a little harder over my soaked panties. I begin grinding my hips into your fingers and want more. I’m so hot right now. I feel like I can cum quick, lick me now I say to you. Watching you on your knees spreading my pussy lips. The sight of you worshiping and licking my pussy is almost enough pleasure.


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Stripper’s Revenge

The Assistant Manager at the Strip Club is a Bitch! She thinks because she is banging the big boss she can bully the dancers. She recently got one of the most beloved strippers fired. We are fed up with her bitchy behavior and lies.

We have had enough of her. We want her to quit. We put together a very nasty plan to punish her for her nasty behavior. It starts while I am dancing on stage. According to the plan, there is an extra-long set for me tonight. While I am dancing on stage, we know that the Assistant Manager will be in her office all alone, and the bouncers and male bosses will be watching me Dance.

The other dancers gang up and attack the Bitch. They tie her up, use sex toys and strap-ons on her. Violating every nasty hole, but really focusing on her vile, vulgar lying mouth. The girls laugh at her seeing her beg for mercy when she has shown us none. She is tortured, teased and raped by the girls.

All the while, the bosses are mesmerized by my dancing on the stage.

Sometimes sweet revenge is very nasty! As soon as my set is done, I want a piece of her and see her completely humiliated. Hoping for tears streaming down her face. She has made so many dancers miserable. Sometimes nasty revenge is sweet!

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Hot Threesome




He walked into his bathroom. He found me on the floor having sex with his wife. Our kisses so sweet and passionate.  Nothing like a girl kissing another girl. I was on top of her. I wanted her and was showing her how much fun it is to play with girls.

He was stunned, shocked, but quickly got aroused. We knew he was there and we invited him to join in the fun. He just watched at first. He pulled his cock out and stroked it while he watched me lick his wife’s pussy. I made her cry, tears streaming down her face from an orgasm. Her husband was so hard. He slid is cock right into while I continued to lick her.  Then it was my turn to cum.


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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