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First Time For Everything

My step-brother has been having some problems with my parents. He had asked if he could stay with me for a few days to sort things out. When I was going out last night I knew he was going to have some friends over. I was totally fine with that. What kind of trouble could they possible get into? When I got home I was shocked! I walked into my bedroom to find him and his friend standing in front of my mirror wearing my clothes. They had the nerve to wear my dirty panties! I was so mad I made them strip down to nothing but the panties. I took a few pictures just in case I need to blackmail them. It’s so much fun being big sister. I could see that no one at my parents house teaches them a lesson. I sat down on my bed and each of them took turns laying on my lap while I gave them spankings. I was teaching these filthy perverts a lesson. If they want to continue to  play with my clothes and make up they need to ask permission first.

They are only to wear them around my house on the weekends so I can turn them into sissy sluts.


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