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Perfect Tits Phone Sex

Hey, tit man! It’s not too common these days to find a girl with all natural, perfect tits. I love showing them off and teasing your cock with my beautiful tits every chance I can get.

Imagine your hot cum load dripping off from them! I love when a guy comes all over my perfectly, teen tits. I rub the cum all over my nipples and pitch them hard, I even scoop some onto my finger and slip my finger in my mouth and savor the yumminess.

Right now, you are sitting there with a throbbing cock just visualizing those perfect tits in front of your face. Your tongue wants to reach out and lick my hard nipples.

Imagine how they would look bouncing up and down as I am fucking you? The more you keep looking at my teen tits and body the more your cock is eagerly wanting to slide in-between them.

Don’t fight the urge any longer and come play with my perfect and all natural titties!

Jesse :)
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Tight Teen Pussy Phone Sex

I bet you were jerking off last night thinking about a tight, teen pussy. I wish I was there to watch you or better yet, lend a helpful hand. I know you can’t resist a sweet and innocent bald little pussy. 

  I would love to help you satisfy your craving for some tight, barely legal pussy! I know your pervy mind has thought of some pretty detailed underage fantasies and I would love to be the one who lives out all your nasty secrets.  I can’t help but to play with my horny cunt when we do a naughty role-play or talk about how you’re going to fuck my tight, teen fuck holes.

Once you slide your throbbing cock inside my super tight teen pussy, you will be totally hooked for life! 

Confess to me everything you love about TIGHT TEEN PUSSY and let’s get off together.

Juicy Jesse

Jesse :)

Jesse :)
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A Beautiful Sissy

Awww, look how precious! You’re such a pretty girl. Come over here, let me help you a little. Your makeup needs a little fixing. There, that’s better. Now you’re absolutely gorgeous! I have a soft spot for pretty panty boys like you. I know how badly you want to embrace your feminine side. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m more than happy to help you make that happen. I don’t judge. In fact, it turns me on a lot. I’ll tell you what, if you’re going to my beautiful girlfriend, then you should have all the benefits that come with it. After all, there’s nothing more fun than an afternoon of shopping with my best girlfriend. If I’m going to spend the time getting you to look perfect, we have to go out and show you off, don’t we? Just think, we can go to the mall and you can model different outfits for me. Of course we’ll have to stop off at a lingerie store. You didn’t think I’d leave out the best part, did you? When we’re done and we can’t carry anymore, we can go grab some lunch. Lunch is almost as fun as the shopping. Just think, we can have a few glasses of wine and share secrets we know about the people we know! Then once we’re done with lunch and feeling a little buzzed, then we can go home and try on the lingerie again. Did I tell you how I love the feel of silk pressed up against my body? I really do. Just thinking about it makes me want to go shopping right now.

What are you waiting for girlfriend? Let’s go do some damage.


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I Have the Cure


You’re laying on the bed, waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. When I come out, I’m wearing one of my favorite naughty costumes… sexy nurse. I slowly walk over to you, telling you that it’s time for your exam. I take out my stethoscope and begin to run it over your body. As I run it down your chest, I begin to notice the bugle in your boxer briefs. Oh my, you have some swelling. I better check that out baby. I reach my hand inside and remove your swollen appendage. I lean in to get a closer look, the feel of my hot breath making it twitch. Just lie back and Nurse Bambi will take care of you. I know just the thing to cure this. My tongue slowly circles the head as I suck you into my wet mouth. I watch your face as I move up and down slowly. My head begins to bob faster, eating your cock up, feeling you hit the back of my throat. My hand begins to softly squeeze your balls, massaging them in the palm of one hand. Hmmm… this doesn’t seem to be working. Looks like we’re going to have to try something different. I lift my skirt and slam my pussy down on your cock. My hands grip the headboard of the bed as I ride you hard and fast. The sound of our moans and my ass slapping against your thighs echo through the room. In no time, I feel your cock explode inside me. There we go. I told you I knew how to cure what ailed you. All you have to do is take me every hour, on the hour as needed.

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It is how big?

I love the mystery of who will be on phone when I answer. If the gentleman is not about to shoot his load I like to chat a bit. Find out about where they come from, what they look like and what they enjoy doing sexually and in general.  The man was very nice and I asked if  he had a nickname I should call him.  Oh my! That just got me giggling fast. It seems he has a one inch dick.  Not a dick exactly but more of a pee pee or a clit.

I asked the obvious question of does he warn ladies or just let find out on their own. He said he just goes for it. I don’t know about all ladies but if a man didn’t warn me about his wee worthless winky I would sure be mad. I come to find out the lady was super mad, so mad she took pictures and blackmailed him with them. Guess where he had to go that night? She took him to the Adult Bookstore and made him suck dry every cock that poked it’s head in glory hole.  He said he hated it at first, but soon was really getting into the groove. He was playing with his slippery little clit while he drained all the men’s balls dry. So what I am saying is, unless you want to be a cock sucker warn a woman if you have a worthless little winky.

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