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Forced-Bi Phone Sex

 I just got my pussy fucked and now I am ready for you to come over and do the dirty work. My black stallion lover put an extra creamy load in me so there’s lots to clean. I know we were suppose to have sex but honestly your dick doesn’t do anything for me but I know your tongue can handle it. I’m going to lay back on the bed, spread my legs really wide and let you devour my tasty cream pie.

I have a surprise for you, my black lover is on his way back and ready to fuck again. I’m sure you would enjoy watching my horny holes get pounded by his 11 inch huge rod but I want you to perform this time. Nothing would excite me more than to watch your virgin holes get hammered by a thick, black cock. I detect you’re getting nervous. If I have to get forceful with you, I will! I will also force you to like it. You know I can be a sweet girl but if you don’t do as I say when it comes to my black lover, I will get cruel. You will end up doing things for me, you never thought were even possible.

Opps. Doorbell!!! Get on your knees slave! The time has cum!

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A Little Fisting Never Hurt

 I know you love my adventurous side, baby. You get to do whatever you want to me and my body. You use and fuck my holes for your pleasure and I never say no. Tonight I’m in the mood for something new but it’s not my holes that will be used. I put my hands on your shoulders, pushing you to your knees. I look down at you and tell you to get on all fours. I know it’s a foreign concept to you. You’re so used to being in control. It’s time for you to give a little of that away. You let my soothing voice guide you, hypnotized by my words. I spread your ass open, rimming that tight little hole with my tongue. I know you’ve always been curious about ass play. I tell you to relax as I lube my fingers up. I slowly ease my fingers in, pressing deep. I hear your moans and see your cock getting harder and harder. With 4 fingers inside, I tuck that thumb in and push. I hear you inhale as the whole hand goes inside. I pull my fingers together and make a fist. I start slow… but soon you’re begging me to fuck your ass. I pound it inside you, your screams and moans making my pussy flood the floor. I keep pumping inside you until your cock explodes. It’s amazing how you go from being my master, to being my bitch.

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Let Them Talk

It seems I am the mom all the boys talk dirty about. My step- son is at that age where they think about sex all the time. At school they were talking about whose mom had the best boobs and ass. My son was all in the conversation till my name was mentioned. He came home so upset it was time for mommy to fix things.

I asked him what was wrong and he was so embarrassed. He tried not to make eye contact but I put my fingers under his chin forcing him to look in my eyes. “Young man, you better tell mommy right now what is going on”, I said. That is when he asked me if I know what a MILF was and how his friends called me that.  I had to hold in the giggles, as how could he think mom was so innocent that she didn’t know.

Before long we we laying on my bed with me cuddling him and stroking his hair. I didn’t notice that a few buttons had come undone and he had his face in my big creamy tits and  was smelling my perfume. I could tell he had a hard-on and mommy couldn’t just leave things alone with him so upset. “It is okay sweetie. Why don’t you take your penis out of your pants and stroke it for me”, I whispered in his ear. I couldn’t help myself and soon I was stroking it for him. When I heard him begin to moan, I positioned myself so he shot his load of jizz all over my big boobs. He felt so much better after that. 

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Tag Team Callie

I went to the best 4th of July party ever. My best friend knows that I can be such a little horny slut sometimes. She introduced me to this guy. Not only did I fuck him but I fucked his hot friends also. Most of the girls at the party were pretty shy. I went right in and made my move. I walked up to him and kissed him and we immediately went some where private. I stripped down to nothing showing off my hot body. I laid down and started playing with my pussy while I waited for him to get naked. He came over to the edge of the bed and I took one look at his hard cock and got on my hands and knees. I blew him for a bit then he picked me up and put me on all fours. I shook my tight ass at him and told him to pick a hole and fuck me. I felt him grab my hips and plunge his cock into me. I was getting fucked so hard when I heard the door open. I told him not to stop and to keep fucking me. His friend stood back and watched as the headboard slammed against the wall. Finally the guy came a little closer. I licked my lips and opened my mouth giving him the okay to take out his cock so I could suck it. I had a cock in my pussy and my mouth to start the night, It was so hot. A few minutes later, I heard the door open and I got even more excited.

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Sex Addict Bambi


When it comes to sex, I LOVE it all. I never deny myself if it makes me feel good. Why limit yourself? That’s like eating only one kind of ice cream when there are so many flavors out there to try. I love a good hard cock stretching my holes, more than one on most occasions but I also love a yummy dripping wet pussy. I love to be fucked, but sometimes I WANT to do the fucking and put on my big thick strap on. Men and women alike have experienced Bambi bending them over and giving them the pounding they deserve! Sometimes I get extra lucky and find a gorgeous shemale to take home. She-cock is such a delicious find, really the best of both worlds! It’s not only fucking that gets me off, I also enjoy the taboo. From scat and golden showers to snuff and accomplice, it all gets me off. I am a true fantasy girl. I can give you what you crave. Nothing is too taboo or off limits to this sex addicted slut.

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