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Dirty Debi

I got the nickname Dirty Debi when I was about 12. I would do all the things my friends wouldn’t. It didn’t matter much if it was boys, male teachers, female teachers or my friend’s daddies. I just love sucking and fucking and didn’t care with whom. As I got older things started to change. I noticed that I loved a certain type of man and I craved being the one in charge.

I still love sex the dirtier the better and it really just depends on my moods. While I love my men cute, fragile and girly I would never turn down a huge, thick hard black cock. When I can combine the two I am in dirty girl heaven.

You are dressed up so pretty for me in your lace panties and bra. I adore watching you prance around in your stockings and heels. Seeing your pretty soft hand wrapped around my strap-on makes my mommy’s cunt so wet. I do have a surprise for you today. When mommy is done fucking her baby company will be joining us. After I get a good pounding from my hot as fuck black lover we will just see where it takes us. I know you will be watching while you play with your little clit. Is my baby in the mood for some BBC today?

xoxo Dirty Debi

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Mommy Phone Sex with Sexi Lexi

I really get off on Mommy phone sex calls.

Nasty, taboo Mommy fantasies always get my pussy wet. I’m such a loving and playful Mommy and always caters to her baby’s needs and wants. I can be a very nurturing Mommy that loves to cuddle and play those special little games with my little ones. I also can be a mean, dominating Mommy who likes to punish bad little boys. Mommy likes to give out spankings and make your tushy all red and sore.

I am just that Mommy who knows what you want, what you need, where you need it and of course, I know exactly how to take care of her special little boy.

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Toilet Slut

I have my own personal toilet slave, and let me tell ya.. it’s fan-fucking-tastic! If you’ve never had someone worship your ass and everything that comes out of it, you should give it a try. I have this pathetic little no dick faggot named Philip that calls to be my little shit dumpster. He gets on his knees and I just back up and put my ass right there on his mouth. He licks and sucks that special treat he loves so much right out of my little puckered hole. He makes me laugh so hard, talking about his little clitty getting hard. I had a little surprise for him last night. While we was bent over cleaning out my ass, I had a real cock waiting to fuck that tight little cunt of his. The noises he made were hilarious and I ended up pissing right down his throat. It was a great night for Little Philip. He got all the fluids he could handle!

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Cock Worship

He loves when I’m his cock sucking whore. I’m always on my hands and knees for him. I always start with his ass running my tongue along the rim pushing my face deep in his ass. I lick my lips tasting his ass juices thinking about how bad I want to indulge in his cock. I look up at him, begging him for his cock, worshiping his cock. My hands gripping and sliding down the length of him and my mouth watering. I started to suck the head feeling him throb in my mouth. I was starving for his cum. My tongue swirled around and lapped at him in anticipation. Knowing I was bringing him so close. I locked my lips around tighter sucking him with all I had. He grunted with each jolt of salty jizz. I eagerly swallowed like a good girl. He pulled me up, off my knees. I nuzzled into his chest knowing he will always give me my quota of cum. Call me, I’m ready to worship your cock.


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Age Play Princess

I got super cute boobies, sweet young voice, hair in pigtails and a crazy tight pussy.

Don’t you want to do a little phone sex fantasy with your naughty little princess?

I am a daddy’s girl, a naughty neighbor girl, a teacher’s pet, a bratty babysitter, a sassy but sexy sis.  I am your little ballerina, your little gymnast, your little cheerleader. I wear the shortest skirts, tight tops, little bikinis, and of course, sweet little panties.

Wanna play with me?

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