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Halloween Orgy

 I love dressing up and going to Halloween parties. Everyone lets their hair down and does things they might not normally do. Plus what better reason to dress like a total slut! Last night I went to the first of several more to cum. My friend and her husband held a party at their loft downtown over looking the harbor. I sipped a few glasses of wine while dressing and took a taxi over.

The driver was very nice and we chatted on the way over about just how HOT I looked. He asked me if the party was just a normal Halloween party or a wild anything goes kind of party. I explained it was a tad bit stuffy but it was an annual affair I was always expected to attend. He said if I called with an excuse to skip it he could hook me up with a party that would be much more my style. I felt bad about not going but with the way I was dressed and the wine making me feel super horny I decided to go for it.

He turned the meter off and he drove out of the heart of town to the arts district. He handed me an invitation and told me to just flash it at the door to get in. I was escorted in a lobby to an elevator taking me up a few floors. I got out of the elevator to a smell of perfume and sex . There was an assortment of people in fetish dress. Dominas  with their panty boys and slaves, masters with their subs, and singles looking for a couple to swing with.

A gentleman in a perfect fitting tux handed me a glass of wine and a little pink pill. Well why not? It is a party! I took the pill and walked through the many rooms stopping at times to watch a couple fucking. I was feeling hornier than ever and my little black thong was getting wet. I wasn’t sure just what I was in the mood for but I did have all night.

Would you like to hear more about my very depraved night of sex? Why not give me a call and I can get off again while telling you all the big hard cock I took, the cunts I licked and the many combinations of men, woman and hot teens I fucked!

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Hot Fetish MILF

  Yes, that’s what I am called- Hot Fetish MILF. I cater to all taboo fetishes. Everyone has naughty MILF fetishes, I just want to know how kinky can you take it? I’m a MILF that’s open to all topics; young or old. I especially enjoy talking to my young explorers. They’re so naive and innocent and all it takes is one session with me and I have them corrupted for life. I bet when you were younger you had many wet dreams thinking about a kinky, older woman like me? Someone who has no boundaries and likes to teach you grown up games. 

Share with me all your naughty taboo thoughts, MILF Marlene loves story time. Don’t be surprised if you hear me playing with my pussy, as I think about all the things I want to do to your young cock. 

Talk soon sweethearts!


Marlene :)
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Don’t Tell Mommy


 My s-daddy and I have a little secret together. He’s been coming into my room at night after mommy goes to sleep and he watches me masturbate while I am on calls. It turns him on so much when I rub my little girl pussy while I talk to older, horny men. At first, my daddy pulls out his cock and jerks off while watching me on the phone but lately he’s bringing in my mom’s dildos and fucking me while he jacks his big, daddy dick. It gets really intense for my calls because I am getting turned on listening to my caller while my daddy is making my pussy feel so good. It’s kind of like having a threesome.

My daddy really likes when I get age-play calls, his cock starts to throb listening to my baby voice while he caresses my smooth, bald pussy with the head of his cock. He wants to fuck me so bad, we get really close but I like teasing him too much. I know one night soon it’s going to happen and it will probably happen when I am on a daddy/daughter phone sex call because they get me so tuned on. I just hope mommy doesn’t wake up when we start to fuck because when my s-daddy’s 8 1/2 inch cock slides in my tight pussy, It will make me scream.

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Missing Something?

You live such a dull life, but we both know what lies beneath, don’t we? You’re a dirty boy with deviant desires and you need someone to release them. Your wife/girlfriend would never understand what makes your dick rock hard. Some of the things are so filthy, so taboo, that no one would understand. No one except me. I not only want to hear your fantasies, I want to bring them to life. Can you imagine how good it feels to just be your sick, twisted self with someone who is just as depraved as you are? I could never judge you, not with the skeletons in my closet. Anything goes with Bambi.


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Forever Yours

The feel of your cock in my mouth is truly amazing. I moan as I slide your cock in and out of my mouth. I want you to cum so bad so I can taste you. I start to beg you to spray my face and tits down but you have something else in mind. You slowly slide your cock out of my mouth and place it between my tits. It makes my pussy even wetter when the tip of your cock brushes against my soft, wet lips. I beg you once more for your cum. Teasing me, you pull your cock away from me. Making me slide three fingers in my mouth sucking on them, making them nice and wet for my pussy. I beg you again to fuck me while I push my fingers deep. You grab my waist and pull me towards you. I wrap my legs around your body feeling you plunge inside me. Deep & hard thrusts stretching my pussy open, filling me up with every inch of your fuck stick. You bend down giving your precious pet an amazing kiss and I feel you ram your cock even harder in me. I scream out, letting you take over my body; feeding off your desires. My pussy melts around your cock while you shoot your warm load deep inside me.

I’m forever yours…



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Girly Boy Phone Sex

Your going be a pretty Sissy when I’m done with you. I’m willing to do all the hard work for you. I’ll take care of the clothes and makeup. You just relax. I’ll have you feeling  just as sexy and slutty as I am. It’s not gonna happen by it’s self. That’s why I’m gonna help you. I have the perfect outfit to get started in. I love when your clitty gets hard when you try on the new pink silky panties I bought you. How do you like the fabric rubbing against your ass cheeks? I also bought you, your own personal pink dildo. I want you to show me how slutty you want to be. I watch you bring the dildo to your mouth making it slippery and wet. I watch you try to take it deeper while the tears stream down your face and you start gagging and squealing like a girl. You still have a ton of work to do before you become the perfect Girly Boy. First lesson is - learn to deep throat your dildo for me. Once you’ve accomplished that we can move on to a nice fat cock and we can continue our lessons.

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Lingerie Shopping

I love to treat myself with each new season to some new lingerie. I went shopping myself yesterday as I love to take my time and friends sometimes get impatient. I was also in a very flirty mood so I wore a tight little mini dress, a red thong, no bra and a pair of wedge heels.

The mall was very packed for a Wednesday night and I was enjoying the lustful stares from both men and boys. Most stared at my big boobs barely staying in my dress. I took my time, flirting and teasing my way to shops I love to get my sexy and slutty items from.  I noticed a young man was following me. He stayed far enough behind but I knew he was there.

While I was looking at the panties he shyly approached me and asked if I could help him out with a gift for his mom. I could tell by the look in his face and the way he gingerly touched the soft fabrics that those panties weren’t for his mother. We picked out several in “her” size. I could see a little boner and wet spot in his pants.

“You know sweetie, I could help you with a whole girly transformation”, I whispered in his delicate ear. He was so shy and tried to convince me it was really for his mom. I knew better and suggested we go to my house for a complete make over. Over white wine we talked and he admitted he always wanted to look beautiful like a woman. Mommy Debi to the rescue!

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Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl at heart. Whatever he would ask, I would always make sure I pleased him to my fullest potential. When my daddy asks for favors, I always got rewarded. He use to take me on huge shopping sprees and whatever his little girl wanted, I always got. Of course, we always stopped by my favorite lingerie store; Fredrick’s Of Hollywood. When we got home, he was ever so deserving of a hot & naughty fashion show. He loves looking at my gorgeous figure with my overdeveloped breasts. Daddy always got so excited looking at his little girl that he wanted to give me some cash for being such a good little girl. He had me sit on his lap while I  pulled his wallet out of his back pocket of his pants. He would grab and slap my ass when it was up in the air reaching behind him. When he opened his wallet, there was a bunch of hundred dollar bills. He told me I would have to do something extra special to get all those hundreds. I already had that money spent in my head as I stripping naked. I never say no to daddy!

Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with Avery

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