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Waiting up for Santa

I’ve been getting ready for Santa all week long. I’ve been such a naughty slut this year. I’m gonna need a spanking, I wonder what kind of mood Santa is going to be in? He does have a lot of naughty girls to take care of. I would like if Santa could give me a sensual, erotic spanking or maybe he’ll surprise me with a little holiday foreplay along with my spanking. I feel that I’ve been naughty enough that I need to be taught a real good lesson. Cum and be my Santa, feel the silky, softness under your hand when you bend me over to spank me with the perfect shade of red. I’ll be waiting by the tree with my paddle, hairbrush, or we can always use your big, thick Santa belt.

Are you ready to make it a kinky holiday? My cute little butt is ready for your strong firm hand and more.

Happy Holidays!



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Serving Goddess Cameron

Serving Goddess Cameron

I know you’ve been searching for the right goddess for some time now. It must be your lucky day. Looks like you’ve found me and the search is now over. You’ll always have a price to pay to serve me. I will allow you to worship me and in return, you will be my loyal pet who spoils and pampers me and of course, hand over your pay check. You will never hear me ask or manipulate you for money. You will hand it over to me freely just like all my other devoted pets. Run along now, grab the phone and start worshiping me.



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I had a wild weekend. I met a REAL man with a REAL cock that stretched my pussy and ass so well. The only thing I was missing was my pathetic tiny dick loser Philip. There I was with a cunt full of cum and no little faggot to suck it all out. I’ve blogged about him before, but I can’t resist telling the world about this pitiful excuse for a man. I knew that the dick I was riding would make his queer mouth water and his little clitty twitch. He would have wanted that fuck stick for his own greedy mouth and ass. Just getting fucked is way too good for Philip. He has some holes to clean out first. He does his best work on his knees as my toilet. He just loves how lose everything gets in a freshly fucked ass. Do you know anyone as pathetic as my little shit eater, Philip?

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