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Cheating Housewife Phone Sex

Thank god it’s Monday morning again. Everybody says how fast the weekends flies by, but for me; it feels like it drags on forever.  I literally push my husband out the door to leave for work. As soon as his car leaves the driveway, I run upstairs and freshen up and patiently await for my guest. My pussy drips when the doorbell rings because I know it’s my black stallion with a 10 inch cock ready to pound my married pussy. The first time that black cock entered my pussy, I knew that would forever change my sex life with the hubby. I just keep making excuses when he wants to fuck me.  If I finally give in which is rare, I just think about my black lovers dick and my pussy gets so wet. My small dick husband thinks I’m enjoying it but honestly, I am just counting the seconds till he’s finished. Once he falls asleep, I text my black lover to come over and fuck me the way my pussy wants to be fucked!


Cheating Housewife Lyndi

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Fuck Me All Night Long Phone Sex


  I’m not one of those girls who can cum once and be done. I love to be fucked all night long with endless orgasms. I love being naked in my bed late at night while all my roommates are asleep. I get my toys out and start playing with my body while hearing you stroke your hard cock. Having orgasms at the same time is great but what gets my pussy squirting is hearing your moans as you shoot your hot load.

I’m only getting started with one orgasm and I hope you’re too. I love soaking my sheets from cumming all night long. And of course, the more taboo our conversation is the more I get off. Are you ready to fuck me all night long?


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Born a Pleaser

I know exactly what it takes to please a man from head to toe. I was pleasing men ever since I was a little girl. I always wanted to wear the tiniest outfits I could find. If my clothes were even slightly too big on me, I would find some way to make them tighter to show off my girlish body.

I was always curious about sex, especially watching my step-dad fuck my mom every night with their bedroom door wide open so I could watch. It didn’t take to many live sex shows before I replaced my mom and I was the one being fucked every night. He was completely shocked that he was my first because he said I did things that older women didn’t even know how to do. I was a natural born cock pleaser.

Even today, I am still pleasing men by hot body, unforgettable voice and the willingness to do everything and anything.

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Tease & Denial Phone Sex

I love playing tease and denial games. That is why I got all dressed up after inviting you over. I wanted to make sure I looked stunning when you got here. It wouldn’t be any fun if I let you have it with out making you work for it. I want you to have a seat in my chair and let me tease you with my tiny, little pink thong. I want you to beg for it. I get down on my knees and slowly undo your belt. I can tell you’re rock hard for me already. I’ll slide my soft, tiny hands across your cock then get back up and continue to wiggle my wet, little pussy in your face. How long can you go? I keep stroking you, getting you so close to cumming, then letting go.  I can be such a naughty girl sometimes. I want to see how long you can hold all of that cum for me. 

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

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I bet you feel lost and confused at times maybe even wanting the need to feel appreciated and accepted for your natural beauty. I know the desire is aching to come out. You’re ready to show the world how beautiful you are. Come to Miss. Cameron and I will make everything better with no questions asked. I want you to feel like a diva. Let’s get you dressed up in a beautiful corset with a sexy pair of panties. I can see the sparkle in your eye when you slip on the beautiful panties, you start to get excited when you feel the material against your clitty. I know, it makes you feel so girly when I take you under my wing. I’m not only going to teach you about make-up and clothes, I’m here to guide you into giving up all of your rights to me. Turning you into my devoted sissy whore who belongs on her knee’s in complete submission. Begging and moaning for more cock. You’re my cock whore and you’ll suck only the cocks that I provide for you. The sight of your pretty pink lipstick smeared all over your pretty face is absolutely priceless.

Your face get’s fucked and I humiliate and guide you in the right direction. Indulge in that hot jizz dripping down your beautiful face. If you’re a good girl, you  know I’ll feed you some more.

xoxo Cameron xoxo


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Is It Really Cheating?


You leave work a little early to surprise your wife. You picked up roses and a bottle of wine to set the mood for night of married sexy fun for just the two of you.

You open the door and set the wine down on the counter. You hear a noise coming from your bedroom. Is your wife cheating on you? Who could it be? Her hot personal trainer, the door attendant, that guy from next door?

As you walk towards the bedroom, you pick up a bra off the floor. You take a few more steps and there is another bra with matching panties on the floor in your hallway.

Two Bras?

Now you are confused!

You slowly approach the bedroom. Your wife is getting licked by me. I make her scream when she cums. We are just getting started!

Do you stand and jerk off OR do you join in on the fun?

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Dirty Secrets


I have a very dirty secret I am bursting to share. The desire started when I first began driving but I just wasn’t brave enough to do anything about it till recently. I Take very good care of my material things as I do myself. That means there is a lot of hot, sweaty construction men at my house. I love to flirt but I never do anything about it because I want to keep it business.

On the way to the perfume franchise, I manage I pass a lot of truck stops. Not the ones with gas pumps and diners but the ones with outside restrooms and vending machines. I always feel my nipples stiffen and a craving in my pussy when I see those big 18 wheelers all big and shiny. I wonder what the drivers look like. I pull over to check water and oil and watch eyes just undressing me.

Last night I decided to just go for it. I put on my tiny shorts and white tank and set up the scenario in my filthy mind while I drove. It was late when I pulled up and the place had several trucks pulled over for the night. No families at that hour to keep the men in check. I popped the hood and started checking fluids when I heard a deep voice ask me if I needed some help.  I explained I was late for my date and he would probably give up and call another girl.

I thought it would be so hot to let him think I was a hooker! He told me there is usually a few girls that come over to service the men but he had never tried them. He went on about his wife and such. In the meantime another trucker came out and asked if I was taken yet. Soon I was taken over and fucking over. So that is my new dirty obsession to pretend I am a cheap truck stop whore and fuck till all my holes are dripping.

Dirty Debi

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Taking the Bus

I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Even when I was younger, I always had to be the center of attention, always had to have all eyes on me. So it made sense that, when I discovered sex, I was all about the idea of the risk of getting caught. I’d go out without panties all the time, I’d masturbate at the movies, I’d flash strangers on the street as they drove by. One day, I was riding the bus home, when a man got on at one of the stops, sitting across from me. Fuck, he was gorgeous. The sort who would make me cream my panties (if I had been wearing any, of course). As the bus started moving again, I crossed and uncrossed my legs, giving him brief glances of my bare pussy. I had fun teasing him the whole ride, until I reached my stop. I got up and flashed him a little smile, before getting off the bus, heading down the street. And then, out of nowhere, a hand wrapped around my arm, pulling me into an alley. It was the stranger from the bus, and it seemed that he had liked my little show… He pulled me deeper into the alley, until we were just barely hidden from view, but where anyone who happened to look in would be able to see us. He pressed me up against the wall, and I could hear him unzipping his pants, fishing out his cock. I didn’t see it, but I certainly felt it as he pressed it against my pussy, and I spread my legs for him, so he could push it inside. Fuck, it felt so good! I made half an effort to stifle my moans as he rode me, but not a full effort; again, the thrill of being seen, of some passerby seeing me getting fucked like a bitch in heat in an alleyway, was too great to ignore. I hoped that it would go on forever, but all good things must come to an end. He pulled out of me, and spun me around, forcing me down, until I was face-to-face with his cock, still wet with my juices. He pushed the head into my mouth as he came painting my tongue with his sticky cum. All but the last shot, though. For that, he pulled out, and angled his cock, so that I got a shot of his jizz right across my cheek. He gave me a smile, tucked his cock back into his pants, and was on his way, like nothing had happened. I somehow pulled myself together, but I didn’t even wipe my face. I exited the alley, wearing his cum on my face like a trophy, proud of my status as a public-use slut.

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Foot Pleasure

 I love that you adore my feet. You pamper them and worship them any chance you get. After a long day, you massage them and on the weekends you send me for pedicures. The best is when you make a creamy mess on my toes when I still have my pantyhose on. Today, I want you to slide off my pantyhose that I’ve been wearing all day. I want you to smell the scent of my dirty feet. Taking the back of my foot right below my ankle and work your tongue to the arch of my foot, you’ll probably hear me give you a soft giggle because I am ticklish. You love servicing my feet, don’t you? Take your fingers and your tongue and run them through each one of my cute little toes. I decide to slide my feet down your face, rubbing them down your body while I watch your cock swell up for me. You know what’s coming your way when I nudge your cock with my toes. You’ve done such a good job making me happy that it’s time that I wrap my feet around your thick, throbbing cock to get you off.

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