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A Call With Philip

It’s been a little while since I blogged about my favorite cock sucking faggot, Philip. I hadn’t heard from him in a little while, so I had almost forgotten how fucking pathetic he is. He reminded me very, very quickly though. He was down on his knees servicing before I could even ask how he had been. Philip services ANYTHING. A hard cock, an ass, a pussy… anything. He’ll make sure that you’re all clean. Put any and all fluids that you have in his mouth and he’ll make sure to dispose of them down his cum guzzling throat. He’s not only a good potty slave though… oh no. He’s a good snot rag too and will clean out your sinuses for you. Luckily for him, he’s really good at that. If not for that, he would be completely fucking useless. When you have a tiny 1 inch “dick” hanging between your legs, you have to be good for something, right?

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The Girlfriend Experience

GFE Phone sex is the ultimate experience with me. You have the complete package. A horny blonde that loves to cum. I love when we cum together. Sharing our dirty secrets with each other always makes me extremely horny. We have the most intense orgasms with each other. When we’re not sharing intimate moments together, I know you’re thinking about them, just like I do. I love to laugh at your jokes and listen and hear all about your day. Though, I do like a dominant man in my life. I also do enjoy a laid back kind of guy. I like to take it slow and give you control over this beautiful body. When a powerful man takes charge, I never refuse it. I’m here to please you anytime you need a dose of me. All I can think about is how lucky I am to be able to please you in every way possible. You deserve the best and I’ll be the girl who gives it to you.

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Panty Boy


When we first spoke you swore up and down that you only wear your girlfriends sexy lace panties when she’s not around. Well, we all know that’s not true! After confessing all your secrets to me, you felt so much better telling me what a dirty little panty faggot you are. Every night you dream about a thick cock dripping pre-cum in your mouth. You do look your best in your pretty pink panties on your knees. You’re my panty boy now and I’ll feed your every desire. I’m here to make all your dreams reality now. You might be able to fool everybody else in your everyday life but I know the truth. You crave the desire to be pushed to your knees rubbing your sissy clit. You show me your true devotion while I feed you that creamy cum load that you’ve been dreaming about.


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A Summer Bang

Since summer has started I have been spending a lot of time at my neighbors pool. Most of the time nobody is home. I didn’t realize their son from college would be making a surprise visit home for the 4th of July. I’m definitely not shy about taking off my top and getting a little sun. I had the music going with my eyes closed, kicking back while I was soaking up the sun. It was really strange, I could I feel somebody’s presence.¬† I opened my eyes and there he was pulling down his shorts taking his cock out rubbing himself slowly inching himself closer to me. I closed my eyes again and took a deep breath. I knew what I had to do. When I opened my eyes I seen his three friends from college standing behind him. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of me. One by one they started coming over to me. I knew they wanted to use me for sex only. I let them feel my tits, squeeze them, pinch them, they even twisted my nipples giving me a quick jolt of pleasure. They didn’t waste any time. I let them put their hard cocks in my mouth while they pulled my hair and fucked my mouth. My pussy was getting so wet. I started begging them to fuck me. I wanted all of their cocks inside me and they did one after another. Making me cum over and over.
I bet you wish you were there with them dumping your load all over my sweet body. I’m ready to be your sexy little slut this summer. ;)


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