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Sometimes I like to take things real slow and take my time to seductively seduce you. It’s not that hard to make you want me in every possible way. Especially, when you come home from a long day and you find me sitting in your big leather chair barely wearing anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I get up from your chair so you can sit down to relax and admire my body. I kneel between your knees unzipping your pants. Soft kisses are given up and down your swollen cock. My wet tongue nibbles all the way up your thick mushroom head. I look up and your head is tilted back with your eyes closed. We’re both in complete relaxation. I slide your hard cock between my tits rubbing your swollen head on my hard nipples. I soon climb up on top of you wrapping my arms around your neck planting kisses on you. I wiggle around on your lap so you can find my special spot. My pussy starts to drip wanting you so bad. I want you to devour my hot pussy and all I could do is whisper in your ear and tell you how bad I need you.

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Auntie Will Show You How

Long day at work and my phone sex nephew misses me when I come home so late. His door was partially open so I walked right in to find him attempting to masturbate. No porn, no pictures, no lube just him, his hand and a bit clumsy. He tried to cover up and was so embarrassed but I explained to him masturbation was natural and even Auntie did it.

I felt so bad for him as he had no idea what he was doing. Typical of my brother in law not to teach his son. Although,  his dad isn’t very good sexually himself. I did find he had taken a pair of my silky panties and I told him it was okay, he should smell them and taste my sweet cunt.

I pulled my top down because he certainly would look at my big boobs a lot. I figured give the sweet boy a visual. Then I began to explain how to warm the lube in his hands and just relax and rub his hard, young balls. I put my hand over his and showed him just how to do it. I can’t deny in school I gave my share of hand-jobs. Soon his hand was going faster and he was moaning calling out my name.

In the mood for some hot mutual masturbation or need help with Auntie Debi guiding you along? Give me a call and let’s play together. I always take good care of my boys.

Naughty Auntie Debi

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Masturbation Tanning Session

I woke up today extremely horny. Normally, I would just get myself off but I felt like I woke up late and I had a busy day ahead of me. I have a wedding this weekend and I have a really hot date that is going with me. So, I really want to look good for him.

After I showered, I rubbed lotion all over my soft, smooth skin and it made my pussy tingle and I was getting really wet again. As much as I love masturbating after I shower because my skin is so smooth from shaving, I had to leave the house.

I went to get a pedicure and from the vibrating chair and the woman messaging my legs, I wanted to play with my pussy so bad. Her hands felt so amazing and she was a pretty lady as well. I was so horny and in one of those moods where I would of had sex with her right there in front of everyone.

After I got my nails done, I went tanning. I got completely naked and laid down in the bed. At this point, my pussy needed to be touched badly. I was naked, horny and all alone and I couldn’t help but to start fingering my pussy while my other hand was rubbing my clit. I brought my wet fingers up to my mouth to suck my juices and tasting myself made me fuck myself harder. I was moaning so loud but I didn’t care, my pussy was feeling too good. I wish I brought my big dildo with me or better yet, I needed a real cock. I came so hard while I was tanning, I think this will be my new masturbation spot from now on.

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NY Strip

Your wife is out of town for the month of August. She has taken the kids to the beach house, but you need to stay in Manhattan for work.

You work very, very hard to provide very well for your family.  Isn’t it time that you indulged in some sexy summer fun?

Just imagine that you have me stop by your place for a very sexy lap dance. Seducing you with my dancer’s body and my sexy voice. Creating a very special erotic and intimate experience for you. You spend your days taking care of everyone else. Tonight, let me take care of you!

Don’t delay! Soon summer will be over and you don’t want to regret missing out on some sexy fun with me.



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Pool Party

My son loves when we have pool parties at the house.  There is always so many hot women for him to look at. It always makes me smile that out of all of them it is me he can’t keep his eyes off of.  There is always a friend who bartends for us so things can get pretty wild. Last night got completely out of hand, in a dirty, hot awesome way.

My girlfriend and I were first to take off our tops and show our perfect tits. She is pierced and I love to suck on them. We jumped in the pool and began making out. Soon one of my gentleman friends/fuck buddy joined us. I know I should have waited till my son went in and to bed but all those hot bodies made me so horny.

My step-son was all eyes staring at all the fucking. My pool threesome decided to find him as we knew he was looking at dirty videos I made and stroking his young cock. We walked in on him as he was smelling my panties from the other night and licking the crusted cream pie out of it. Looks like our threesome is about to become a foursome.

Dirty Debi

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