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It’s all about the pleasure

It’s all about the pleasure

I grabbed my favorite pink vibrator and made myself cozy on the couch. I was defiantly ready to get off. I decided to turn on some hardcore porn while I fucked myself. I pulled up my skirt, took off my tank top. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute. I was ready for some release that was much needed after a long weekend.  I circled my vibrator around my wet hole pushing it in my tight entrance. With one hand I worked it in with deep long strokes. The other hand started rubbing the hood of my clit pushing me right to the edge. My eyes were glued to the TV. All I could do was imagine this hot stud on the television climbing on top of me fucking me nice and hard. Do you think you can take good care of my pussy ? Let’s find out.



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Visit with my Step-Son

My step-son’s house guests have all left and he calls me telling me he is feeling lonely with the house so empty.

 It is late and I just had a booty call but I figured why not, because I have missed him. I toss on shorts and a tank and drive over with my pussy still filled with jizz. I am having very dirty and taboo thoughts as I drive there.

He greets me with a huge hug and I wonder if I smell like sex. The night is warm and he suggests a dip in the pool.  Since I brought nothing to swim in, he offers me one that a girlfriend left. I put on the suit and join him outside. He is grinning like an idiot at the site of me as his eyes go from my mouth, to my boobs and to my clearly dripping cunt.

“Mom did you just have sex”, he asks with a smirk on his face?” Without saying another word, I demand he gets down on his knees and clean me up. I put my leg over his strong shoulder and push his face against my pussy making him clean me up. The thought of my son licking up the jizz of another man makes me wildly excited. I think it is time for mommy to get fucked again!

Dirty Debi


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No Limits with Cameron

I know you watch them run around all weekend long. It’s the end of summer and they’re still taunting you running around in their tight little shorts. They run up and down the street with their friends playing, giggling and laughing. Your mind starts to run wild with your taboo fantasies. Thinking about what you could do with a mouth full of those barely legal tits. It’s all very tempting. The good thing is that I’m here for you to fulfill your fantasies. I’ll do what others won’t do. I’ll go out and find them and deliver them back to you. Bringing you that sweet little bald phone sex pussy. Let me be your kid sister and we will be the dynamic duo. We’ll make it a family thing. I have no problem holding them down spreading their legs while you feel that soft, smooth skin before we corrupt them and take their virginity. I’m the best phone sex sister you could ever ask for. I’ll be right by your side on every adventure we go on.

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Let’s Be Girlfriends

We’ve been together for a little while now, but we never fuck anymore. Ever since we invited a man in to spice things up (and you got your first taste of cock), you’re just not interested in me. That’s okay though. You can be my gang-bang girl friend instead. Think of all the fun we would have? We’d go out together and find them and then bring them home… that’s where the real fun begins! You will get your fill of cocks down your hungry faggot throat. You’ll make the perfect fluffer for all those huge cocks. You don’t have to pretend anymore. You can enjoy dick the way I enjoy it. I’ll even dress you up in some of my sexiest lingerie. I’ll get on top of you, my pussy in your face so you can watch that cock go in and out of my dripping cunt. I’ll spread your legs and watch you take a cock of your own. We’ll tackle them all together… and then kneel on the floor and get ready for the pay off. Load after load of cum in our faces. I’ll lick it off you and you can lick it off me.. then we’ll kiss and mix it all up. What do you say? Let’s be girlfriends!

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Travel & Adventure

He took me on a business trip with him overseas. Most days, I hung out at the hotel or did a little shopping, but at night, we played.

The last night we went to a sex club. We were invited to participate in an orgy. All the men were fascinated with my blonde hair and blue eyes. I had so many brown and black cocks in my face that I couldn’t decide which one to suck first.

One of the men, rubbed his thick hard cock on my lips. The scent of a woman was still very present on his cock. I licked it. She was delicious. Yummy! Wrapping my lips around that first of many shafts was the perfect way to start the evening. My guy started to fuck me from behind. He gets so hard and fucks me so hard when I am sucking another cock.

I lost count of how many men that I fucked and sucked that night, but it is a night that I will never forget.



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