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Teasing My Good Boy

Ever since I could remember I loved teasing my step-son. I would put on lingerie fashion shows when he was just a wee thing. He didn’t really understand what he was feeling then but he would put a pillow on his lap and grind. He spent lots of nights with me and as he got older, I would be more blatant and a lot more obvious that he had a boner.

I started leaving my bedroom door open so he could watch when I had my booty calls. I told him it was in case he needed me. The truth was, I loved knowing he was watching his mommy take a good hard pounding.

After he moved out, he would use any excuse to spend the night at my house. We laughed, drank and talked about the naughty things I would do. I think he loved that I was such a slut.

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Dirty Debi

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Sticky Holes

Sticky Holes

I love teasing you about your cum fetish. Who doesn’t love a creamy, milky load? Stick with me and I’ll train your mind to love the taste of cum. Not only will you be eating your cum but I’ll have you hungry for the taste of another mans cum. Making you crawl like my helpless pet on your knees to worshiping my pussy. I slide you between my legs forcing your face into my dripping wet cream pie pussy. You poke your tongue out gently lapping at my wetness. My hands spread my cheeks exposing my sticky wet pink pussy. Mmm,  you lick me from my ass to my stiff clit dripping cum. Such an eager little slut you are.

I know it makes your mouth water thinking about it. Call me and let’s start cleaning out these holes.

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