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Paying Cameron

Every Friday you’re handing over your hard earned cash to me. You’ll do anything to serve your Goddess. I can hear the whimper in your voice when you tell me that your bills are pilling up at home and it’s already the end of the month. Your wife asks why you haven’t paid the monthly bills yet. Your cock grows hard as you think of an excuse to tell her. Meanwhile, all you can do is think about me. Figure it out, let her know your ass is broke again. I can’t wait to hear the excuse you will give her this month. I’ll be using your pay check this weekend to buy all sorts of shopping goodies for my girlfriends and I.

Before sending you on your way for the weekend, I make you send me another humiliating photo of your worthless pin dick to add to my collection. Just in case you decided to skip out on your next payment.



Cameron accepts credit cards for Phone Sex at 1-866-477-1044
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