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Bend Over, Loser

 You don’t have a fucking thing that interests me. Your cock is useless, your body is a joke and you have no idea what to do with your tongue. I guess you know what that means, right? YOU are the bitch in this relationship. When you can grow a decent sized dick and learn how to use it, we’ll talk about YOU fucking ME. Until then, bend over loser. I’m going to do the fucking and you’re going to lay there like a good little slut and take it. Reach behind and spread your man cunt for me. That’s the only part of you that has any use to me. You’re just a hole to use and take my frustration out on. Your useless needle dick is actually getting hard with this pole up your ass. I pull out and make you suck your ass off of it and your prick starts to give little pathetic squirts. What a shock. You came in 2 minutes. Don’t think that I’m finished just because you are…

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Lucky Little Boy


My phone sex nephew always tells me he is the luckiest little boy in the world. He has an Auntie who understands and even gets excited by his needs. It is cold and dreary where we live and I think a trip at a lovely hotel is in order.

I helped him pack his bags and unlike with his mom he didn’t have to had what he was packing. He looks a lot like me and is such a hot little girl when I dress him all up in lingerie. We got to the hotel with him as a girl, I named him Angela. The clerks even remarked what a lovely little girl I have and we should make sure to take advantage of high tea.

He was squirming so much I think he made his pretty pink panties already wet. Angela noticed I was flirting with several of the young men at the hotel helping us and asked would they be joining us later tonight. I explained that this would definitely be her first time as a full and complete girl. After a lovely dinner we changed into our silky , slutty lingerie. He was so excited he wet his panties yet again. Oh my, this will be quite a night. I wonder just how good a cocksucker my darling Angela is.

Dirty Auntie Debi

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Fill Me Up

Ever since he’s been in my pussy I’ve been craving his cock.  I woke up this morning and I couldn’t stop playing with myself. I love the feeling of being filled up. It’s such a turn on when he takes control of me using my tight pussy for his pleasure. He gets so into it when he wraps his hands around my neck calling me his precious little slut. He grunts so hard when he pushes deep inside my pussy. I’ll make it where he never wants to fuck anyone else.

He loves it when we do a daddy/ daughter role plays. There’s something about being his dirty little girl, it’s such a turn on. I always have to tell him when I’m close to cumming then he makes me beg him. Daddy only has one rule, that I wait for his permission to climax. If I can’t control myself, he stops what he’s doing and throws me over his knee to spank my ass. *giggles* I never really have any complaints about getting a spanking because secretly I like it. I kind of like when he gets mad and punishes me. Do you think you can fuck me the way I need to be fucked? I know my tight, wet pussy will satisfy your cock without a doubt.


Aim / callsexycallie

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