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Booty Call Phone Sex

 I love big dicks and his huge ass dick has my name written all over it. He’s young dumb and full of cum. It’s very clear that I’m not relationship material. I just wanna fuck. I love when I come across a younger guy who can keep up with me, I feel like I hit the fucking jackpot. A guy who can make me cum multiple times, with his cock and his tongue. I’m always calling the shots. I let him know what time to be at my house and how bad I need to get fucked by his big dick. When he arrives at my place, he finds me in my bedroom waiting for him. I sit with back up against the wall, my knees bent and spreading my legs open. Exposing my wet pussy that needs to be fucked again by his big dick. I want his pulsating thick dick to slide deep into my tight, wet quivering pussy. Fuck me hard & long until you’re dripping with my cream.

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Bubble Bath Phone Sex

Bubble Bath Phone Sex

Sometimes during the week nights I like to stay out all night with my friends. I’ve been really good lately. Last night I came home early to relax. A hot bubble bath was really in mind. Step-daddy likes it when I stay home and he knows exactly where I’m at. He says it gives him a piece of mind to know his little girl is home safe. Sometimes he gets angry with me when I stay out for nights, especially with boyfriends. I really can’t blame him, he worries about his little girl.

I was in the bathroom getting undressed letting my hair down. I couldn’t wait to get into the warm soothing bubble bath. That’s when I heard a knock at the door, step-daddy must of thought I was lonely. He opened the door and I smiled. I was so happy that he was going to be joining me.

Soon he was naked in front of me embracing my body. He makes me so wet. I love showing step-daddy how much I appreciate him. Are you ready to make some bubbles with me?


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Auntie Debi’s Visitor

I am always the first of my group of friends to offer up my guest rooms to visiting young men. What is hotter than having young, virile young men around? This time was different than a normal exchange student or young men whose parents were traveling on business. He was on his Rumspringa which is when Amish teens go out to see the world outside their community.

Jon seemed very shy at first and wasn’t ready for the gathering I had planned for him so I canceled it and made the night for him to get acclimated to his new surroundings. I have to admit, he was a very muscled young man and I was becoming extremely horny. During dinner we talked about the different activities we could do together when he felt ready. I noticed he was staring down my top and looking at my huge tits.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he told me there was girls he liked but he was not allowed to do more than go out on a supervised date. Poor young man, how utterly boring. He was exhausted and I showed him his room and the tablet that was there for him to use. He said he never used one and can I show him. So, he sat down and with me behind him I explained. Oops! Some porn popped up from last young man here or me. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw his young cock bulging in his pants.

He was embarrassed and I needed to show him this was perfectly normal. I suggested we get comfy and look at porn together so I could explain any questions he had. The more we looked the bigger he seemed to get and I had to have a taste of his hard dick. I got in between his legs and began to lick his cum filled balls while trying to be gentle with my virgin. He began to pray and while begging me to stop sucking his cock which was oozing  pre-cum. He tasted so fucking good that I sucked harder. Soon he was moaning and pushing himself deep into my mouth till he shot a huge load of cum. I can’t wait till he’s hard again to really take his cherry!

Naughty Auntie Debi

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