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Let’s Get Naked

The one thing step-daddy loves is when I walk around the house in just a t-shirt and panties. Over the long weekend we had the whole house to ourselves. We had a blast fucking whenever we wanted. But that changed when the family came over for a huge cookout yesterday. That morning, I heard step-daddy walking around so I laid in my bed with my t-shirt pulled up and my legs open for him. I waited and waited until he passed my room. When he walked in my room, he had his cock in his hand and he was eager for me to shove his hardness in my mouth. I like when he makes me deep throat, I gagged with tears rolling down my face until he exploded his creamy jizz right in my mouth.

We played a little game that night to see if we can sneak around without getting caught. No way was I waiting until everyone left for the night. Why would I want to torture myself like that? I put on one of daddy’s favorite bikini’s and lounged by the pool, he wasn’t able to control himself at all.

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Dirty, Dirty Boy!

I have this young caller and he is such a bad, dirty boy. He is bad to the point that the minute I see his number on my ID my sweet, hot cunt already begins to gush. I just can’t help myself! I wonder if he kisses his mother with that dirty mouth of his!

He Makes it clear to me that his young wife is in the den watching a boring chick flick and he has needs she can’t take care of. I ask him what would he do if she heard, and he tells me he doesn’t give a fuck! Ah yes, he is a very bad boy and quite the perv! If I had that young, hung stud here with me I would never waste my time doing anything but fucking his brains out!

He loves to hear me play with my hot cunt while he strokes for me. The sounds of him make me cum so hard I can barely catch my breath. Why not let your boring wife watch her shows and give Cougar Debi a call for the wildest time you could possibly imagine.

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Starbucks Fuck

Last night I was picking up my friend from the airport and her flight was delayed a couple of hours. I walked around a bit to the Starbucks nearby and the guy who made my 3 shot espresso was totally flirting with me. He asked if I wanted whip cream on top and I said of course I did! Do you want it on top of your coffee or in your mouth he asked me? I was shocked. It was just him and I there in the shop and I wanted him so badly after he said that. My pussy instantly got wet, and I could feel my panties getting soaked as I stood there wondering what to do next. He came around the counter and took my hand, I followed close behind and he led me to the back room. He started to rip off my clothes and tore my panties right off my tight ass. He was so hard I could feel his huge dick inside his pants. I wanted him so bad but he was teasing me, that little ass!! As I stood there completely naked in the back room, he proceeded to take off his pants. This guy had one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen! My pussy at this point was tingling for him. He bent me over these crates of coffee beans and slid his huge dick into my tight little pussy. I screamed it felt so good. He silenced my screaming by stuffing his apron in my mouth. He pounded me hard for just 5 minutes touching my pussy from behind over and over until we both came together. He flipped me around, kissed my lips hard and bit my lip, shoved my head down towards his dick and I swallowed what was left of his cum, It tasted so sweet and good I wanted more! He yanked me back up by my hair, kissed me one last time and pulled up his pants and was gone in a flash. It was the best coffee sex I have ever had!

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