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Sexy and Wet

Do you want to cum over and join me? I’ve been enjoying the pool all day long. I’m starting to get a little lonely out here. I can think of many ways for us to cool each other down. Imagine both of us relaxing, rubbing each other down with suntan oil. Your cock is already in my sight. I just want to unzip your shorts and pull your cock out and show you how I’ll be pleasing you with every hole of mine. Of course, it’s rock hard by the time I take it out. You can’t resist a girl like me having her pretty lips wrapped around your cock. Crawling between your legs. My mouth feels around your swollen cock head. I tease you for a little bit before wrapping my entire mouth around your cock. My hands slowly move down to your aching balls massaging them while you thrust into my hungry mouth with desire letting me take all of you down my throat. Your hands start seducing my body while slipping off my tiny bikini bottoms. Making sure my tight pussy hole is ready for you.

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Reminiscing On Younger Days

I was thinking back to my teens and the things I did for money!  When I first moved from my parents home into a trailer park, I still had trouble paying my rent. That was no issue with my horny old landlord always looking for a blowjob or a fuck. I did him and any other men I needed favors from. To be honest, I loved being the town slut, I was proud of my reputation.

It seems now that I can pay my own way, men still want to pay things for me in exchange for sex. The only difference is men my age want girls younger and younger guys are all over my hot, cougar ass. It’s a win, win as I see it! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a date with a nice gentleman my age or older but after the date, I am hitting the bars, or making a call for some fine young stuff.

My daddy always called me Dirty Debi and not just because of the grass stains that would be all over my tight, white shorts. What are you in the mood for today? Could it be a dirty mommy, naughty Auntie, or some hot  fem/dom action? Call me and tell me your most taboo thoughts and let’s play.

Dirty Debi

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Old Confessions