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Creamy Pussy Phone Sex

Creamy Pussy Phone Sex

I know what your thinking and the answer is No! Not a chance that I’ll fuck your little dick. You do amuse me the way your little dick gets hard for me. Being close to me comes with a price. I will take you under my wing and teach you a few things. If I give you a little help I expect you to stop being so needy. I’ll teach you how to please a real woman. You must understand something, this is for her satisfaction and pleasure only. No one really gives a shit about your worm dick. It’s worthless and it’s just small. I’m thinking your mouth will do the job for now on. If you ever want to be close to the woman of your dreams you’re going to need some kind of skills. You won’t have time to be needy and cry about your little dick while your eating pussy. Get ready for your first creamy pussy!


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