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Stripper Phone Sex


Let me strip for you, slow seductive dance moves, my tight dancer’s body. The absolute most stimulating foreplay is a dancer’s strip tease. Excitement and sexual tension fill the air. I grind up next to you. The heat is powerful. I untie your tie. I lean over you as I unbutton that white dress shirt. You touch my flushed skin. I run my tongue down your chest. I taste your sweat. You grab me. You want to take me, but I slip away and continue my slow tease.

You think you need it fast, but I know what you need. You need it extreme and passionate. You need to be tender yet forceful. I slow the tempo down but maintain penetrating look right into your eyes. I kiss you and run my fingers between your legs through your pants as my strip tease continues.

Let me help you unwind with a neck massage and then a luxurious lap dance. Slow and sexy. I am your girl. Your girl for just as long as you need me. I whisper sweet but naughty things in your ear as I feel you cock growing for me. Let me show some of my sexiest moves. My body is perfectly toned and smooth.

That sexy look in your eyes and your rapid breath tell me what I want from you. I want you to crave me, need to devour me, exploring every gorgeous sexual pleasure. I take off your pants, drop to my knees and suck your cock.  Your cock is so hard, on the verge of cumming. My lips just edge you until you fuck me. Long, hot fuck! Fuck me in all three beautiful sexy tight, sweet holes of mine. We are perfectly matched together. We both need each other to feel this extremely high level of sexual pleasure.

Your Favorite Playmate,


866 481 6273

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Daddy Phone Sex with Callie

Step-daddy is always spoiling me. Especially with tiny bikinis along with other sexy little outfits. He knows how much I love to model my new clothes. It’s almost impossible for him to ever get upset with me. Keeping him happy is what I do. Step-daddy loves to tell me that I’m his perfect fuck doll, he’s always telling me how special I am to him and how special our secrets are. He’s so loving and caring, I couldn’t imagine not being his little girl. When we look into each others eyes, I can see how much he adores me. He is always making sure I get the proper attention I need. It makes my pussy wet every time step-daddy loves on me.


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