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ABDL Phone Sex with Miss Cameron

Phone Sex with Nanny Cameron

Aww, aren’t you the cutest ABDL baby! I could just pinch that adorable face. I’ve been babysitting for you for awhile now. Your mommy dropped you off this morning and she said you had a tough night, you did not sleep well. I bet you were had something soggy in your diaper. No need to cry sweetie, we’re going to have a wonderful day. I’ll cheer you up. Let’s start changing you. Hmm, It seems that you have not had a bath yet. Let’s get your cute butt in the bathtub. Your Mommy must have been in a rush. I put you in the warm bath watching you splash listening to the sounds of your coo’s. I soap up the wash cloth and gently start to wash you. You start to giggle and smile. Aww, you want more huh? You play with the bubbles in the bath while I start to  massage your privates.

You start to bounce up and down and Miss Cameron is going to make sure you have a good time.

You’re all cleaned up now. What would you like to do next?

Miss Cameron

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