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A few weeks ago, I ran into a little car trouble. I was on my way home and my car died, leaving me stranded on the side of the road. I called for a tow truck, but after a few hours, I had given up hope. It was 2 in the morning and I just wanted to get home. I decided to try for a ride home the best way I knew how. I got out of the car and hiked my skirt up a little. I knew that would get the attention I needed. After a few minutes, a truck pulled over on the side of the road. The driver rolled down his window and asked if I needed some help. I smiled and told him yes. I hopped in and we took off. I could feel his eyes all over me as he tried to keep it between the lines. He was a little younger than I was and looked nervous. I couldn’t resist. I got on my knees and started working on his pants. He looked surprised, but his cock was rock hard in my hands. It was delicious! So hard and thick. That thick mushroom head felt so good at the back of my throat. I could feel his hand on the back of my head and hear his moans. When my hand squeezed his balls, he blew his load down my throat. By the time I got myself together, I was home. Before he could get his pants zipped, I thanked him for the ride and blew him a kiss.

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Sucking a Big Fatty On St. Paddy’s!

 Yeah I admit, when I go out drinking with my girlfriends I turn into a complete whore by the end of the night. I always have a 2 drink maximum but they go down so easy and well you can  pretty much guess the rest. 

When I have a good buzz going on, my clothes want to come off and go on the prowl for cock. Not just any cock either, I want a big, fat fuck stick. I want something that has to ease into my sloppy, wet pussy. You’ve never seen a woman worship a thick, beautiful cock like me before. Sometimes big, satisfying dicks are hard to find and when I find the perfect one, it’s a pot of gold! 

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