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Great Imagination Phone Sex

I love to role-play because it let’s me use my imagination to be anything I want to be.

The possibilities are endless….

I can be your naughty next door neighbor who teases you relentlessly. I can be your be your bad little sister who is constantly parading around in skimpy panties, just to watch your reaction and laugh knowing that you want what you can’t have.  I can be your naughty mommy who has caught you playing in her panty drawer. I can be your best-friend’s wife who flirts with you until you can’t take it anymore. Role-play is the best way to make your naughtiest fantasies come to life. I have a great imagination and I’m always ready to make your wet dreams come true!

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Toilet Slave Phone Sex

I have this new toilet slave neighbor who begs for me to sit on his face and shit & piss in his mouth. Every time I have to “go” I call him and he’s at my doorstep within minutes. He even changed positions at his job so he can work at home and be at my beck n call whenever I need my human toilet.

I don’t even have to buy toilet paper anymore and I get the best ass cleaning. He licks and cleans my dirty ass for hours while I’m chatting on the phone or watching tv.

Last Friday night I had a date that took me to a Mexican restaurant and a hot fuck back at his place. I begged him to fuck my ass only thinking of how much my toilet slave will enjoy this.

Sure enough when I got home, I had to shit so bad. I called my slave and he ran over to my house so I can unload my hot, steamy shit on his tongue. As I was filling up his mouth, he also tasted creamy cum mixed with my shit. He was so excited and grateful I did that for him. I’m thinking this weekend a gang-bang. After all, my toilet slave works so hard, why not show him some appreciation.

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