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Sex On The Dock For All To See

We get out of the city to enjoy a sexy long weekend at your family lake cottage upstate. It is a beautiful weekend for a steamy getaway. It is sunny with just a few fluffy white clouds in the sky on the drive. We talk dirty to each other on the four-hour ride. It is pretty late when we arrive. I have never seen so many stars in the night sky.

The cottage is quaint and very comfortable. It is nestled amongst the evergreen trees. We make love all night long on the floor in front of the fireplace, and we fuck hard in a squeaky antique brass bed.  Sleep wins out around dawn, and we sleep until the afternoon.  After a shower, I slip into a bikini top and shorts. We walk down to the lake and relax on the dock. I close my eyes and let my feet dangle in the cold lake. We start to make out and touch each other. You untie the strings to my bikini, and I unzip your pants to stroke your cock.  We are getting very hot and aroused. Suddenly, you point out that there is a boat about 100 yards from shore. There are three fishermen in the boat.  I turn around toward the lake, show them my naked tits, and wave.  Let them watch! I admit that I am an exhibitionist. It turns me on being watched. I have never been shy about my naked body.

I hope that you are not shy either. I coax you out of your pants and shirt. I slip out of my shorts, so we now both naked on the dock. We lie down on a towel. I am between your legs. I give you a very slow and sensual blowjob. The warm sun and cool breeze coming off the lake feed me with so much excitement. I hope that the fishermen are enjoying the sex show. I hope that they are watching me suck you and enjoy looking at my naked ass.

Finally, I sit up and crawl on top of you. I start to fuck you. I ride you. The current has brought the boat in a little closer now. The three fishermen are getting quite a show. You grab hold of my hips and drive your cock up into me. We have a hot fuck.  We fuck and fuck until we both cum together. I stand and take a bow for the fishermen.  We run naked back up to the cottage.


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Once is Never Enough

Ever since I started fucking, I’ve never been satisfied with just one round. I always hear how uncomfortable that first time is, yada, yada– that was never the case with me. Even that first time I was down licking his balls after, trying to get him stiff again. It’s the same way with calls. I love cumming with all of my guys, but as soon as that call is over, I’m jamming my fingers or my toy in one of my holes trying to cum again. Once just doesn’t do it for me! Every once in a while, I get that caller that just knows what buttons to push with me. Once, twice, three times… it’s not even close to being enough for him either. Those calls are ALWAYS my favorite! I love when a man dedicates time and effort to making me cum as much as humanly possible! Just because it’s over the phone, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be good.
If wham, bam, thank you ma’am isn’t for you— call me. Let’s see how many times we can cum together!

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Sexy Lap Dance Seduces You

We are staying in tonight. I slip out of my work clothes, and I put on very casual tight little booty shorts and a white tank top. I wonder what you are doing. I find you in your office with the sounds of sex coming from your computer. You are masturbating as you watch porn clips. I am way hotter than the girl on the screen. That girl is wearing ugly shoes and she sounds so fake. I can make you so much hotter! I kiss that spot on your neck that really drives you wild. I lift up my top and rub my bra-less tits on your back. I crawl into your lap, blocking your view from the screen. I rub my tits on your lips and I start grinding in your lap.

The lap dance continues as I grind and sway my hips. I know how to excite you. That cock is hard and is need of some immediate attention. I pleasure your cock as only I can. I suck your cock and stroke you. I grind and tease your cock, getting your cock closer and closer to cumming. I climb on top of you with your cock inside of me. I cum on your cock as we fuck in your office chair. You are so hot for me! You lift me up and turn me around. You take me from behind. Giving me one hard hot fuck!



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Cuckold Slut Phone Sex

When I find a new boy toy, a romantic relationship is the last thing I want. I normally put him in his place right away and let him know his cock will never be enough for me. I will humiliate him and turn him into a cuckold loser.

If you want any type of “relationship” with me, you better like the taste of thick, gooey cum dripping from my wet cunt. Also, don’t plan on having sex with me….ever! If you want to make me happy, put your pathetic face under my pussy and catch any warm juices while my big cock lover balls are slapping your chin.

You can listen to me moan with sheer pleasure when his big monster cock is stretching me. Get your tongue ready because when he cums, its like a river and I want to be licked clean, no exceptions!

Are you ready to be my clean up boy? The taste will be so rewarding!

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Natural Hairy Pussy Phone Sex

I am a sexy girl who appreciates a man who likes a girl natural.  I don’t shave my pussy. I don’t like those little red rash shaving bumps, and I like to run my fingers through my hairy bush. It feels so tingly when your rub your hard cock against my pussy. Those long dark hairs create more sensation and make for better sex for both of us. I love showing off my sweet hairy pussy to you. When you slide your hand under my dress and play with that hairy pussy, your cock becomes so hard.  The first naked images were in you Dad’s old nudie magazines and all the naked ladies had hair down there.  Hair belongs on a sexy lady, so let’s spend some sexy time together.

Naughty lil Brooke

~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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Anything Goes Phone Sex Slut

I am truly an anything goes type of girl. My whole life I just go with the flow and I am always up for anything. Now that summer is almost here, I become a horny slut in heat and need cock 24/7… No lie!

With the weather getting warmer, you can find me at the beach a lot. I love putting on my tight bikini and going to the beach and people watch. My pussy starts getting wet when I am laying there on my beach towel knowing all the guys are checking me out and let’s face it; I know they want to fuck me.  The fun part is trying to pick out the guy with the biggest bulge in his shorts because that’s the one I want in my barely legal pussy.

Hot women turn me on as well. I love to see a sexy girl with a little bikini. I told you, I am an anything goes kinda girl so I am down for whatever or whomever. I love to eat pussy just as much as sucking cock.

If you want to have anything goes phone sex and hear about my beach adventures, call this slut now.

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Milf Debi’s Cuckold


I have a new man in my life and he is just want I need. Lots of money and loves to watch me fuck other men. He is the perfect cuckold for me. He knows I love big, black dick and that he could never measure up to that in any way!

We have been taking it slow because he is rather shy in this respect, and well he has a hard time admitting to himself just what he wants. He wants to do much more than just watch!

Tonight is the night I bring my hot black studs home with me to play. Usually I just go out, get all my fuck holes pounded, satisfied and full then I tell him about it as he cleans me out. His little dick gets so hard hearing about it and getting jizz and my cunt juices all over his face.

Tonight it is time he really participates and enjoys that big, black cock as much as I do. Want to hear how it goes?

                  Dirty Mommy Debi

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Business Travel With Your Naughty Assistant

Once again, you have to go on a business trip. You sleep in hotels more nights than in your own bed. You are bored with staying in hotels and eating alone at restaurants.  You work hard for your family and do well to provide a very nice life for them. Don’t you deserve the best of everything? Don’t you deserve to have all the pleasures you have earned? Spoil yourself! Go First Class all the way with a night with me.

Take me along on your next trip. I know that you have to work during the day, but we have all night to play! Don’t you need a sexy personal assistant who can ensure that your nights are steamy, sexy and exciting?  Cater to your every need and desire? After a day of meetings, come back to the room and we can indulge in an erotic, hedonistic night.   The night starts with a naughty roleplay where I am your sexy secretary who gives you a  long sensual massage, a down and dirty lap dance, then a tantalizing strip tease as foreplay. We passionately explore each other and live out your fantasy.


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