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I have a confession: I have an ass fetish. When I tell my boyfriends this fetish that I have they seem shocked that a sweet innocent looking girl like me likes to eat dirty assholes. There’s something about a man bending over in front of my face with his ass cheeks spread and his big balls hanging that gets me so hot. 

I grew up sharing everything with my family and when I say everything, I mean it all! I’d never turn down a yellow or brown shower in my life. It gets a little messy but that never stops an ass whore like me.

Do you have a nasty toilet fetish that you’ve wanting to explore? I am the girl for you.

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Your Wife Has Turned You Into A Cuckold



chrissyI don’t exactly know the best way to tell you this, so I am just going to be direct with you. You are a cuckold!  Your wife is getting fucked on a regular basis. She is beautiful and needs a big cock to make her have an amazing orgasm. It only makes sense that she takes a lover that will give her the sex that she needs. Yes, don’t be daft, of course, he is bigger than you. Why would she bother with a cock that wasn’t a great deal bigger than you?

Just look at the signs. She brushes you off when you want sex,  but she has a drawer full of expensive and very sexy panties. She is not wearing them for you, is she?  Kind of funny. All of her girlfriends know about her lover. She talks about his big cock and how good it makes her feel. Just picture him fucking her from behind, pounding her, making her scream like you never have.

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Hot Newlywed Young Neighbor


I was washing my car and my mind began to wander to all the hot, much younger men that call me. Funny how when I was younger I loved to fuck older men and now younger men is my thing. They are so eager to please and cum so many fucking times with me. There is nothing like taking a load of jizz in each of my fuck holes in just one fuck session.

  The men around here all just call me Dirty Debi because I am up for anything. I noticed my newly married neighbor watching me. I didn’t say a word but just slipped out of my shorts and began showing off my hot, mature twat. Looks like we are about to play a little show and tell. He took out his dick and it was already rock hard.  Mmmmm, so thick with the helmet type head I love to suck on.

He came over and whispered in my ear that he already knew all about me and was waiting for his chance. I smiled as I grabbed his dick to guide it into my creamy, hot cunt. He began to pound me against my car. “Fuck Mommy”, I moaned as we both came hard together. 

Dirty Debi

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Phone Sex So Hot That He Came Twice

BROOKEMy sexy caller and I were really getting into our call. His erotic deep voice had me wet at “hello.” He fucked me, hard. It was steamy hot. There was lots of dirty talk. He pounded my pussy. One powerful thrust into my sweet wet pussy after another, so intense. He made me cum, and then it was his turn to cum.

He wasn’t finished with me. He was insatiable. We kept going. He asked for a sexy blowjob. I was so excited for more. I greedily put my mouth around his cock. He was still hard, and my skilled lips and tongue made him even harder. I sucked and sucked his cock. I told him to fuck my mouth with the same intensity as he just fucked my pussy. It was one of those rare moments. Our desires and our sexual appetites perfectly matched together.  He came again, filling my mouth with his wonderful sexy cum. 


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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