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Young Chrissy as Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her Panties,
And doesn’t know where to find them.

I am your perfect little fantasy girl for an underage role play.

My blonde pigtails, white stockings, small tits, and young sounding voice draw you into our Daddy/daughter fantasy. My young tight little body, creamy white skin, and rosy red cheeks excite you. I tease you and make you teach me sexy things.  I am sweet, kind of innocent but oh so very curious about what is going on in your pants.  When your little girl sits on your lap, she feels something hard against her skin.  As I get up to look at your lap, you notice that I am not wearing any panties.

Where, oh, where have Chrissy panties gone?  Where could they be?

Is she such a thoughtless girl that she simply forgot to put them on, or is she the naughty little princess who drives you crazy by not wearing any panties?  When you question her about her panties, instead of giving you a truthful answer, she questions you about that HUGE bulge in your pants. She is tenacious and keeps asking. Chrissy is relentless, like a dog after a bone, or a horny girl after a boner.  She begs and pleads until you finally surrender and let her unzip your pants.  She is astonished by how big you are. She lifts up her dress and you, just for a moment, you no longer care that Chrissy isn’t wearing any panties.

As the naughty little tale continues, the mystery remains unsolved.

Where did those panties go?

Naughty Little Chrissy

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Mr. Peepers

I see you peeking through my window. Since I bartend at nights now, I sleep all morning. After I finally roll out of bed, I take a hot shower and come into my bedroom naked, taking my time to get ready. I always thought all my neighbors were working during the day until I saw YOU! I saw your peeping little tom eyes looking my way. In fact, you quickly tried to conceal your big bulge in your pants but I saw that immediately. I never met you before nor do I fully know what you look like but I do know one thing and that is you have a very BIG cock. So Mr. Peepers, (my new name for you) I will play your little game because I love big ones and I like the mystery of all of it. I will still walk around my bedroom naked and maybe even put on a little show if you show me how hard I make you. Maybe one day I’ll see your cock in person but for now, I like what I see from my view. See you tomorrow Mr. Peepers. Same time. Same place.

XO, Julia


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Hypnotic Phone Sex with Marlene

Let me start out by saying I am not a professional hypnotis BUT men do tell me all the time that I have a way about me that is very hypnotic. My voice, thoughts and fantasies put men over the edge and I become very addicting. My callers go into a deep trance and will do anything I tell them even if it means pushing his limits.

 I always have been a strong, confident woman and ever since I was a young girl, I have this power over men that I just can’t explain. It’s not about sex, it’s more of a mind fuck for men. 

 In my teens, my teachers gave me straight A’s all through school. When I moved out of my parents house, I rented an apartment and my landlord was so infatuated with me that I lived rent free. 

 Some men don’t have a woman like me in their life so I tend to get spoiled because they know I have the upper hand and they can’t imagine living their lives without me in it. If you don’t believe me, call me and you will see for yourself how you too will fall a victim of my hypnotic ways. 



Marlene :)
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Bang Bambi Harder!

Sometimes a girl just needs a good pounding. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sweet stuff too, but there are times when sweet isn’t enough. I need fast and furious fucking!

My 18 year old neighbor looked like he would be the perfect partner. He was always watching me out of his bedroom window and jerking off. I could tell he needed it. Last night, I waited for him to take his place at the window and motioned for him to come over. It took less than a minute. I greeted him at the door on my knees and he was more than eager to feed me his cock. I slurped on that big prick until he couldn’t take it anymore. He pressed my face against the door and started ramming into my aching pussy. I could tell he didn’t have a lot of experience. He was a little clumsy, but enthusiastic, which is exactly what I wanted.

It didn’t last very long.. a few pumps here and there, but when he pulled out, his cock was still hard and ready for round 2. I took him up to my bedroom and decided to teach him a thing or 2 about endurance.

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