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Baby Bump Phone Sex

How do you like my new baby bump? My phone sex daddy has been trying for years to get me pregnant and finally succeeded. Every night he sneaks into my room and wakes me up with a big, hard cock entering my mouth. It’s like my alarm clock because he normally comes into my bedroom same time every night after mom falls asleep. Sometimes I rub my bald pussy and get it ready for him, knowing he’ll be in soon. He tells me he does the same thing. He strokes his big, daddy cock thinking about fucking his little girl while my mom is in the same room with him.


I think tomorrow I’ll show off my pregnant belly with a tight little half shirt and watch and see my mom’s reaction. She knows I am a dirty slut but what will totally shock her is who the baby daddy is.


If you’re wanting to hear me play with my pregnant pussy and talk about family fun impregnation phone sex, call your favorite girl now.



Written By: Jesse

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Jesse :)
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Night Orgasm Phone Sex


Are you looking to release a big, hot load before bedtime? Did you know when you cum at night you sleep better? I know that for a fact because I either have sex before I go to bed or I masturbate. When I have the biggest orgasms, I sleep like a baby. When you’re done talking to me, you will have a huge load everywhere, smile on your face and off to lala land you go.

You know you’re not getting any from your wife so you just have to wait till she falls asleep. I hope you find a quiet spot because I will have you moaning loudly and we wont want her to ruin our fun.

If you’re ready to have a good night sleep, call me and let my velvet, soft voice take you to new sexual heights. 


Sexi LexiWritten By: Sexi Lexi

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Game Of Thrones

Don’t fuck with this Warrior Princess! Brooke Halloween

I will destroy all mere mortals who dare to cross me. If you think your brawn and strength can overpower me and dominate me, you will soon learn that you are no match for me. I am the Beautiful Brooke, the Warrior Princess. Ruler of this Kingdom.

I dominate all in the land.

Your flattery and charms will win you favor with me. Submit and bask in my beauty and you will be rewarded with kindness.

I am seeking new slaves to worship and adore me. A willing, brave knight to got to battle for me against my enemies by day, and keep my feet warm at night. 

Your Sexy Goddess,


~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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