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The Only Strings Are On My Bikini


As your children’s nanny, I know my place. I am obedient, quiet, loyal, sweet and good-natured with your family. I like this job, and I know how jealous wives can be of a nanny who is younger and prettier. Your family life is busy. Your wife seems to be consumed with shopping, going to the spa, and lunching with her friends. You spend over 70 hours week at work to provide an opulent lifestyle for your family. 

To avoid a lot of drama from extended family, you take the family on a tropic island vacation over the holidays. You want to golf, and your wife wants to shop. The children want to spend every waking moment at the pool, so bringing your nanny along on the trip makes a lot of sense. Your wife doesn’t think twice about me, even though my beautiful, tempting body, is in front of you 24/7 for three weeks. You return from your golf game and head straight to the pool to check on the kids and me. You are used to me wearing very cute but conservative clothing in your home. Here at the pool, you see me in a very tiny string bikini, and your heart starts pounding, and your cock is throbbing.

You send me a text telling me to meet you at the pool for a swim that evening after the kids have gone to bed. You let your wife know that need to stretch your legs and take a dip in the pool. Of course, she has no idea that you plan to rendezvous with the nanny. I am already swimming, alone, waiting for you when you arrive at the pool. We swim, and I relax as you make me laugh. There has always been an attraction, but you cannot hold back any longer.  

You touch my face and look into my blue eyes. You want me, but that this has to be a “no strings” relationship. You have no intention of leaving your wife. I want you too, so much, and need you to dominate me. I look back into your eyes. I tug on the strings of my bikini and offer my body to you. Let you know that the only strings here are the strings on my bikini. We embrace, and you take me, fuck me hard that night and every night during the trip.




Written By: Brooke

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~Your Naughty Little Brooke~
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Step Daddy’s Watching

black and white after danceMy stepdad came to NYC to watch me perform.  He drove through a hellish snowstorm to get me. I am an understudy filling in because the dancer couldn’t make it back into the city due to all the airports being closed. My big debut! Although the seats were mostly empty due to the weather, the show must go on! I danced my heart out, especially knowing that daddy was watching me. After the big performance, daddy and I went back to my apartment to celebrate. He brought a nice bottle of champagne and a dozen of long stem roses. He noticed how much my body has changed. For the first time ever, he didn’t see me as a little girl. He hugged, and we started kisses, well making out actually. It was like a dream, as my dress came off, and daddy’s pants came down. I sat back in a chair, and he slowly pulled my panties off of me. He went down on me, and I came for him.




ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy

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My Favorite Foot Slave Phone Sex

I have a dirty little foot slave named Teddy. He lives to worship my feet and loves when they’re extra dirty. I come home and put my feet up and here he comes crawling over to me on his hands and knees begging to take my shoes off.

I’ve been walking around in them all day and I know how sweaty they are, but that just makes his tiny little dick stick out a little harder. He takes those dirty stockings off, wads them up and breathes in deep. He takes my sweaty foot in his hand and starts to lick the sweat off of them. I lean back and watch the show. He closes his eyes and lets his tongue run all over. I especially love when he gets to my toes. He sucks them like tiny cocks. Teddy is a world class cock sucking little faggot, so you can only imagine how well he sucks on those little piggies. He’s gets his tongue in between them and takes them nearly to the back of his throat. I let him wrap those sticky feet around his teeny tiny cock and cum all over them. I also make him clean up his mess, Teddy is a cum slut, so it’s icing on the cake. Such a good little foot slave.




BambiWritten By: Bambi

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