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Making of a Sissy Slut

    A night out with the girls was going to be the perfect fix for the mid-week blahs. A new club opened and rumor had it the men, music and drinks were insane!  I love rooftop clubs and dancing till dawn.

My friends showed up to get ready with some guy I had never met. He was pretty in a girly sort of way. I already had a pitcher of Rita’s made and we started to chat, drink and get ready.

The guy’s name was Julian, and he was just gushing at our makeup, clothes and perfume. That got me to thinking about what a pretty girl he would make. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but he was totally up for a makeover.

After trying on some of my dresses and heels, we decided on a black cocktail dress with stilettos. He was fragile, so he fit into all my clothes. I did his eyes smokey and added some purple lip gloss. He was dancing around the room taking selfies.

We were all on a VIP list except Julian. Having him with us would really be a riot, especially with everyone assuming he was a she. The door guy said he would let Julian in for a blow job. Not from us, but from our pretty, sexy, sissy slut.

They went down the alley and we arranged to meet at rooftop bar. About an hour later, Julian showed up with two hot men in tow. Giggling he told them to talk to me, his pimp, to arrange payment. What a night we had, and our new sissy slut took cock like a pro. Good thing he left plenty of big, thick, hard cocks for us real girls.


 Written By: Cameron

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Daddy’s Switch

Phone sex daddy paid me a surprise visit. I guess he wanted to finally see the condo I live in paid by him for my silence. Normally, I am a bit of a submissive girl that loves to please the men in my life. I will drop to my knees the minute a hot man comes into my house. I am a total slut, so there is no need to wine and dine me. Except if you aren’t my type. Poor daddy, he only had one thing I wanted, and that was his money!

One night mom was gone, and he snuck into my room waiting to fuck me. I was totally into it, I was dripping wet! He pulled off my panties and licked me till I came so hard I could barely breathe. Now, I was so ready for his cock. Then it happened, he not only shot his load before pushing into me, but it was tiny. OMG, so fucking tiny.

Right then I decided I owned daddy’s ass and wallet. My friends always wondered how I had the best cars, clothes and always took them on awesome trips. Well, I kept daddy’s secret all these years and he took care of me.

Now he had a surprise for me. He has been taking the magic blue pill and told me I won’t believe how big it has gotten. Disappoint me once and your fucked, disappoint me twice and you’re really fucked!  Want to know what I did to him for disappointing me again? I promise to tell all!


 Written By: Callie

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Tongues Only Today

I’m in the mood to cum and I’m also feeling very selfish today. I want it to be all about me and I need a man that’s oral. Verrrry Oral. I want to be on my back with my legs spread and have a man bury his face between my thighs. No fingers, no toys and no cock. I just want to feel your tongue moving in and out, to feel it lapping up my sweet juices and flicking my clit.

I don’t even want you stroking your cock. This is about making me feel good. Lick and suck my pussy until my legs are trembling and my back is arching. And then I want it again and again. I know how sweet my pussy is. It’s an addiction and I want you to eat it like you’re starving for it. I want to cum until I can’t cum anymore. The better you do, the more generous I’ll be when it’s your turn to be satisfied.

BambiWritten By: Bambi

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No Tiny Dicks Wanted

What a silly young man he is to think that his wormy little dick could ever satisfy a woman like me. I do love younger men, preferably black!  

I was out at a lovely Wine Bar with a friends son who kept trying to get me to take him to my house. Across the room, a gorgeous black man was flirting with me.  Of course, I already knew Josh was tiny, really quite worthless but it is always fun to tease him.

We got a bit tipsy and I began to make eye contact with Reggie, and wondering just how big he was. He finally joined us and after a few more glasses of wine he followed me into ladies room, leaving Josh behind. There were no words exchanged between Reggie and I, just a hard, dirty pounding in the restroom. 

After our encounter, I was ready to go back to my place and use Josh for the one thing he is good for. I do need a cleanup boy to lick and clean all my cum dripping holes. He knew that was the only way he would ever touch me, so he very eagerly agreed.



DebiWritten By: Debi

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