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Tongues Only Today

I’m in the mood to cum and I’m also feeling very selfish today. I want it to be all about me and I need a man that’s oral. Verrrry Oral. I want to be on my back with my legs spread and have a man bury his face between my thighs. No fingers, no toys and no cock. I just want to feel your tongue moving in and out, to feel it lapping up my sweet juices and flicking my clit.

I don’t even want you stroking your cock. This is about making me feel good. Lick and suck my pussy until my legs are trembling and my back is arching. And then I want it again and again. I know how sweet my pussy is. It’s an addiction and I want you to eat it like you’re starving for it. I want to cum until I can’t cum anymore. The better you do, the more generous I’ll be when it’s your turn to be satisfied.

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No Tiny Dicks Wanted

What a silly young man he is to think that his wormy little dick could ever satisfy a woman like me. I do love younger men, preferably black!  

I was out at a lovely Wine Bar with a friends son who kept trying to get me to take him to my house. Across the room, a gorgeous black man was flirting with me.  Of course, I already knew Josh was tiny, really quite worthless but it is always fun to tease him.

We got a bit tipsy and I began to make eye contact with Reggie, and wondering just how big he was. He finally joined us and after a few more glasses of wine he followed me into ladies room, leaving Josh behind. There were no words exchanged between Reggie and I, just a hard, dirty pounding in the restroom. 

After our encounter, I was ready to go back to my place and use Josh for the one thing he is good for. I do need a cleanup boy to lick and clean all my cum dripping holes. He knew that was the only way he would ever touch me, so he very eagerly agreed.



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