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Roxy The BAD Babysitter!

I admit, I’m a bad babysitter. I am very popular with the Dads based on my looks but when it comes to watching their kiddos, I’m disinterested.

I have a thing for married cock so when I have a babysitting job, my main goal is to seduce the dad. Just by showing up with my skimpy outfit, gets me more money at the end of the night. Normally, their wife is still getting ready so it gives me time to flirt. I definitely plant the seed in their head so they think about me while on their date with the wifey.

After they leave, the first thing I check out is their bedroom. I want to see if they have any sex toys or porn videos. Next, I head to the closet to see the wife’s lingerie collection. Some don’t even have any sexy outfits so it’s no wonder why their husbands are all over me.

I check on the kids to make sure they’re still alive periodically and then I spend most of my time making masturbation videos on the couples bed. I’ll have something to send to the dad while he’s on his boring date.

When they get home, the kids are fast asleep (Benadryl works wonders;) and if the wife heads to bed, that is when Daddy and I can have our alone time, and I can have that married cock I’ve been craving all night.


Written By: Roxy

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Ass Fetish Phone Sex

Every guy has a certain thing that they like. The most common thing guys love is huge, bouncy boobs.

Not you!

You have a serious ass fetish. Of course, you like the cute, round teen ass but what you really love is what’s inside. You get your ultimate high when a cute girl like me bends over in front of your face and spreads open her ass checks really wide. You take a deep breath in to smell the ass aroma that is lingering out of the beautiful, puckered hole.

Your mouth is salivating just thinking about your tongue going inside. Not just a little inside either, you want your tongue buried deep as far as it possibly can go to lap up every ounce of butt juice you can get.

I understand it’s a serious fetish. It’s like my ass is the drug and you need to get your fix. I’ll provide you a dirty ass if you make sure you will lick it completely clean. 

 I’m here for all your ass fetish needs and desires.


Written By: Jesse

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Jesse :)
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Lick Me Clean Phone Sex

  I knew you would be home from work soon, and I decided the time was right for you to know my little secret. I play your sweet girlfriend in public, but while you’re gone I need cock! I put my finger to my lips to make sure you are quiet. We both knew this day would come, the day I make it clear you’re a cuckold. Did you really think my hot, wet pussy was that wet for you? 

Let’s face it, I like my cocks big, and my men rough around the edges. Then, of course, there is you. You pay my bills, take me to wild resorts and in return, you have me on your arm. Tonight is the night we admit who you are.

You keep quiet and hide behind the kitchen door. You watch me get pounded by a man, a boy really half your age. You see the look on my face. I never look that way for you, do I? He is gone, and it is just the two of us.

There is no need for either of us to hide the truth. You love cum as much as me, and you will consider it an honor to lick and suck it out of my just fucked pussy. Down on your knees bitch!



 Written By: Cameron

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Group Rim Jobs

My tongue is feeling very naughty and dirty. I’m in the mood to shove it deep inside of a puckered hole. I don’t want it to be you though, bring your friends! I’ll be naked and waiting for all of you, just come in and strip down. Get on your knees on the couch and let me do my thing. I’ll take my time on each one of you.

Doesn’t my slippery tongue feel good moving around your asshole? I’ll use my fingers to massage the next one, getting him excited and ready. I’m like a kid in a candy store, I want more ass. I’ll press my face deep and let my tongue really sink in and wiggle around inside of you, maybe even a finger tip. Your cocks will be rock hard and ready to spew. I’ll take all of that too. Just circle around me and jerk those cocks hard. I’ll open my mouth and catch all of it.


Written By: Bambi

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