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Brooke's Message:


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Hello everyone this is Brooke. I’m 27 years old and I live in New York. I was born and raised in the city. With the everyday hussle and bussle I always take time out for myself. I give myself the most incredible orgasms ever. I have a big toy box filled with all sorts of erotic toys, but that sometimes get’s boring if you know what I mean. I look for things around my apartment to pleasure myself with. I have used the most strangest things you could think of to put inside my tight holes. I love grocery shopping on Saturday mornings because I know it’s time to pick out a new large cucumber.
I like to explore all my body and bring my orgasms to a whole new level. I hope you don’t mind but I will be playing with myself while I am on the phone with you. If you have any kinky ideas on new “pleasuring toys” please let me know.
So cum take a ride with me. I can guarantee it will be a ride you will never forget!!

~Brooke’s Naughty Cab Confessions~

~My friend and I once gave a cabby a free show as payment. When we found ourselves out of cash at the end of a night of debouchery!! No tip required!!

~Last weekend I went to a nightclub with my newly divorced sister. The first time in about 15 years. We got chatted up by a couple of guys in their mid twentys, and ended up having mind blowing sex with them in my sis’s car..

~I am a straight woman who thinks pussy is the most stunning creation of God. I would love to eat pussy at least once in my lifetime.

~I admit to being a big exhibitionist.. I began masturbating at a very early age, and gradually wondered what was wrong with me? I just loved being nude outside, walking short trips nude in the woods and masturbate….

~My ex boyfriend gave me a golden shower and I thought I was going to gag!


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