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Cameron's Message:


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I always did get off on living life a little dangerously. I’m always doing goofy stunts as a little girl. When I blossmed into a women, I loved doing the risque and the forbidden. I would sneek off with my boyfriend and we would have sex in the chemisty lab in High School. I love fucking in public parks and on roller coasters…[really, you should try it!!] I love having mind blowing sex in cabs….The HBO special made me do it!!! Have you ever taken a complete stranger in the bathroom on a airplane? It’s so fucking erotic. If you haven’t joined the mile high club I recommend you put that on your list of things to do. I have so many steamy stories about what, and who I have done.
Why don’t you call me, and I will share my cab with you. I will bring the kinky stories and you bring your hard cock! Call Cameron if you want the best mind blowing phone sex of your life!

~Cameron’s Naughty Cab Confessions~

~I watched my bestfriend fuck her Doberman dog one time when she had too much to drink. I was very much turned on and I felt my panties getting wet.

~When I was 18 I came home late one night from a party. My younger brother was still awake watching t.v in his room. I went into his room and told him to take off his boxers and I sucked his dick like there was no tomorrow. Gosh, I have never told anyone that before.

~I masturbate to Vin Diesel movies.

~I was an exotic dancer for about a year. I got fired for sleeping with a customer in the back parking lot. One of the other dancers saw me riding his cock in his front seat. Man..what a snitch!!

~Ever since I watched the movie Coyote Ugly I have a thing for dancing on bars!!


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