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Sex On The Dock For All To See

We get out of the city to enjoy a sexy long weekend at your family lake cottage upstate. It is a beautiful weekend for a steamy getaway. It is sunny with just a few fluffy white clouds in the sky on the drive. We talk dirty to each other on the four-hour ride. It is pretty late when we arrive. I have never seen so many stars in the night sky.

The cottage is quaint and very comfortable. It is nestled amongst the evergreen trees. We make love all night long on the floor in front of the fireplace, and we fuck hard in a squeaky antique brass bed.  Sleep wins out around dawn, and we sleep until the afternoon.  After a shower, I slip into a bikini top and shorts. We walk down to the lake and relax on the dock. I close my eyes and let my feet dangle in the cold lake. We start to make out and touch each other. You untie the strings to my bikini, and I unzip your pants to stroke your cock.  We are getting very hot and aroused. Suddenly, you point out that there is a boat about 100 yards from shore. There are three fishermen in the boat.  I turn around toward the lake, show them my naked tits, and wave.  Let them watch! I admit that I am an exhibitionist. It turns me on being watched. I have never been shy about my naked body.

I hope that you are not shy either. I coax you out of your pants and shirt. I slip out of my shorts, so we now both naked on the dock. We lie down on a towel. I am between your legs. I give you a very slow and sensual blowjob. The warm sun and cool breeze coming off the lake feed me with so much excitement. I hope that the fishermen are enjoying the sex show. I hope that they are watching me suck you and enjoy looking at my naked ass.

Finally, I sit up and crawl on top of you. I start to fuck you. I ride you. The current has brought the boat in a little closer now. The three fishermen are getting quite a show. You grab hold of my hips and drive your cock up into me. We have a hot fuck.  We fuck and fuck until we both cum together. I stand and take a bow for the fishermen.  We run naked back up to the cottage.


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Sexy and Wet

Do you want to cum over and join me? I’ve been enjoying the pool all day long. I’m starting to get a little lonely out here. I can think of many ways for us to cool each other down. Imagine both of us relaxing, rubbing each other down with suntan oil. Your cock is already in my sight. I just want to unzip your shorts and pull your cock out and show you how I’ll be pleasing you with every hole of mine. Of course, it’s rock hard by the time I take it out. You can’t resist a girl like me having her pretty lips wrapped around your cock. Crawling between your legs. My mouth feels around your swollen cock head. I tease you for a little bit before wrapping my entire mouth around your cock. My hands slowly move down to your aching balls massaging them while you thrust into my hungry mouth with desire letting me take all of you down my throat. Your hands start seducing my body while slipping off my tiny bikini bottoms. Making sure my tight pussy hole is ready for you.

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Auntie Debi’s Visitor

I am always the first of my group of friends to offer up my guest rooms to visiting young men. What is hotter than having young, virile young men around? This time was different than a normal exchange student or young men whose parents were traveling on business. He was on his Rumspringa which is when Amish teens go out to see the world outside their community.

Jon seemed very shy at first and wasn’t ready for the gathering I had planned for him so I canceled it and made the night for him to get acclimated to his new surroundings. I have to admit, he was a very muscled young man and I was becoming extremely horny. During dinner we talked about the different activities we could do together when he felt ready. I noticed he was staring down my top and looking at my huge tits.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he told me there was girls he liked but he was not allowed to do more than go out on a supervised date. Poor young man, how utterly boring. He was exhausted and I showed him his room and the tablet that was there for him to use. He said he never used one and can I show him. So, he sat down and with me behind him I explained. Oops! Some porn popped up from last young man here or me. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw his young cock bulging in his pants.

He was embarrassed and I needed to show him this was perfectly normal. I suggested we get comfy and look at porn together so I could explain any questions he had. The more we looked the bigger he seemed to get and I had to have a taste of his hard dick. I got in between his legs and began to lick his cum filled balls while trying to be gentle with my virgin. He began to pray and while begging me to stop sucking his cock which was oozing  pre-cum. He tasted so fucking good that I sucked harder. Soon he was moaning and pushing himself deep into my mouth till he shot a huge load of cum. I can’t wait till he’s hard again to really take his cherry!

Naughty Auntie Debi

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I’ll be your tight end

Let’s get caught up in some hot roleplays today. I would love to be your girlfriends hot sister and you can’t keep your eyes off of my bangin body. I know it makes your cock hard everytime. Today I come over to hang and watch the playoff’s with you. I dress to tease each time. Making sure my tops are nice and tight so my nipples poke through. I’m always catching you looking at my tits when nobody is around. The best is when I bend over and let you get a peak at my sexy little thong. I’m sure you noticed that little wet spot on my panties. I’m going to continue to be a little cock tease until you give me what I want.
So, let’s sneak off  with each other and you can show me what happens when girls like me play with bad boys like you.



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Secret Girlfriend

Don’t you wish your wife would do all the things that you fantasize about. That’s why you need a phone sex girlfriend like me. Someone with a romantic side but has a very healthy twisted appetite for sex. I promise you, things will never get dull between us. I’ll never judge you and I’ll want to explore all  your taboo fantasies with you. I’ll be dressing in your favorite clothes to put a smile on your face as your cock throbs for me. Things are so easy between us, no strings attached. I’m here for your every need and desire. I never say no to you. I’ll be sliding my dildo in my aching pussy for you each and every time we talk. I’ll always be there to get you off.

I’ll never disappoint you as long as you keep my pussy happy. You’ll want to cum with me every time )

Explore the ULTIMATE GFE Experience with me!



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Are you watching me again?

So you are my new neighbor? Watching me from a distance, you see me sitting in my room with the curtains wide open. I was hoping you were going to peek in on me. Do you like what you see? Of course you do… I bend down nice and slow so you can receive an eye full. You will soon realize that I love teasing you. Your cock hardens for me as I run my fingers down to my aching pussy as I finish getting undressed for you. I know your cock is throbbing for me your body cant take it much longer. I cup my breasts and start finger fucking my sweet pussy while you watch me. You need to cum don’t you? Call me and let’s explore all of your fantasies.


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Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex


 I’ll go ahead and admit it…I’m always cheating on my boyfriend. I mean, why not? Girls just wanna have fun right? Having fun is all about what the individual wants and what I want is a variety of cock! I love going out on the weekends with my girls and checking out all the hot guys at the club. I flirt with as many as possible so I can pick and choose which one or which ones get to come home with me. My boyfriend has no idea how naughty I can be. If he was as kinky as me maybe I wouldn’t have to cheat. I can’t help needing a different cock in my pussy every once in awhile. Guys do it all the time so girls should be able to do the same. Are you just as dirty as I am? Call me for some nasty phone sex.


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Big Tits Callie Teases the Yard Boy

Such a hot summer day I thought the yard boy might need a glass of lemonade. I a pink tube top and a white skirt. I had ditched the heels because of the heat and panties too because well I like the reaction. So there I was in a tiny braless tube top and white little miniskirt, bending over with no panties. I offered something tasty and delicious to the man mowing lawn and told him thank you for doing this big hard favor I wanted to ask of him.

I told him to come see me in 5 minutes in my room for a show. I was on the bed skirt hiked up and tube top around my waist. I was on all fours with my fingers up my twat, moaning. Boy did it feel good to fuck my pussy with that dildo I had pulled out.

After it was all said and done he didn’t even mind going home all wet, having come in his panties. Bet he’ll be prepared next week. Hehe.


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