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Teaching Her a Lesson

There’s a new girl at my gym and she seems to like taking all the attention. Some of my girlfriends and I were getting a little tired of her prancing around in tiny little shorts and her tits out and getting the guys hot and bothered.

We decided that if she wanted to act like a slut, we would ALL treat her like one. One day in the shower, I snuck up behind her and put a towel around her neck. I drug her out, kicking and screaming, where the others girls were waiting. She looked up from the floor and saw us standing there, completely naked, dildos in hand. She wanted all the cock and we were going to make sure that she got it! She tried to get away, but found herself pinned to the floor, one of the girls sitting on her face. Since it was my idea, I put on my strap on and slid it in first. She screamed and got more than a pussy in her face, one of the girls slid a 9 inch cock down her throat. We laughed and teased her as we took turns ramming fingers, toys and tongues into her holes.

When we finished with her, her holes were gaping and she was covered in sweat. We left her laying there on the floor. It was the last time we saw her and after hearing what we did to her, the men can’t keep their hands off of us.

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Panty Boy


When we first spoke you swore up and down that you only wear your girlfriends sexy lace panties when she’s not around. Well, we all know that’s not true! After confessing all your secrets to me, you felt so much better telling me what a dirty little panty faggot you are. Every night you dream about a thick cock dripping pre-cum in your mouth. You do look your best in your pretty pink panties on your knees. You’re my panty boy now and I’ll feed your every desire. I’m here to make all your dreams reality now. You might be able to fool everybody else in your everyday life but I know the truth. You crave the desire to be pushed to your knees rubbing your sissy clit. You show me your true devotion while I feed you that creamy cum load that you’ve been dreaming about.


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I bet you feel lost and confused at times maybe even wanting the need to feel appreciated and accepted for your natural beauty. I know the desire is aching to come out. You’re ready to show the world how beautiful you are. Come to Miss. Cameron and I will make everything better with no questions asked. I want you to feel like a diva. Let’s get you dressed up in a beautiful corset with a sexy pair of panties. I can see the sparkle in your eye when you slip on the beautiful panties, you start to get excited when you feel the material against your clitty. I know, it makes you feel so girly when I take you under my wing. I’m not only going to teach you about make-up and clothes, I’m here to guide you into giving up all of your rights to me. Turning you into my devoted sissy whore who belongs on her knee’s in complete submission. Begging and moaning for more cock. You’re my cock whore and you’ll suck only the cocks that I provide for you. The sight of your pretty pink lipstick smeared all over your pretty face is absolutely priceless.

Your face get’s fucked and I humiliate and guide you in the right direction. Indulge in that hot jizz dripping down your beautiful face. If you’re a good girl, you  know I’ll feed you some more.

xoxo Cameron xoxo


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Girly Boy Phone Sex

Your going be a pretty Sissy when I’m done with you. I’m willing to do all the hard work for you. I’ll take care of the clothes and makeup. You just relax. I’ll have you feeling  just as sexy and slutty as I am. It’s not gonna happen by it’s self. That’s why I’m gonna help you. I have the perfect outfit to get started in. I love when your clitty gets hard when you try on the new pink silky panties I bought you. How do you like the fabric rubbing against your ass cheeks? I also bought you, your own personal pink dildo. I want you to show me how slutty you want to be. I watch you bring the dildo to your mouth making it slippery and wet. I watch you try to take it deeper while the tears stream down your face and you start gagging and squealing like a girl. You still have a ton of work to do before you become the perfect Girly Boy. First lesson is - learn to deep throat your dildo for me. Once you’ve accomplished that we can move on to a nice fat cock and we can continue our lessons.

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Forced-Bi Phone Sex

 I just got my pussy fucked and now I am ready for you to come over and do the dirty work. My black stallion lover put an extra creamy load in me so there’s lots to clean. I know we were suppose to have sex but honestly your dick doesn’t do anything for me but I know your tongue can handle it. I’m going to lay back on the bed, spread my legs really wide and let you devour my tasty cream pie.

I have a surprise for you, my black lover is on his way back and ready to fuck again. I’m sure you would enjoy watching my horny holes get pounded by his 11 inch huge rod but I want you to perform this time. Nothing would excite me more than to watch your virgin holes get hammered by a thick, black cock. I detect you’re getting nervous. If I have to get forceful with you, I will! I will also force you to like it. You know I can be a sweet girl but if you don’t do as I say when it comes to my black lover, I will get cruel. You will end up doing things for me, you never thought were even possible.

Opps. Doorbell!!! Get on your knees slave! The time has cum!

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It is how big?

I love the mystery of who will be on phone when I answer. If the gentleman is not about to shoot his load I like to chat a bit. Find out about where they come from, what they look like and what they enjoy doing sexually and in general.  The man was very nice and I asked if  he had a nickname I should call him.  Oh my! That just got me giggling fast. It seems he has a one inch dick.  Not a dick exactly but more of a pee pee or a clit.

I asked the obvious question of does he warn ladies or just let find out on their own. He said he just goes for it. I don’t know about all ladies but if a man didn’t warn me about his wee worthless winky I would sure be mad. I come to find out the lady was super mad, so mad she took pictures and blackmailed him with them. Guess where he had to go that night? She took him to the Adult Bookstore and made him suck dry every cock that poked it’s head in glory hole.  He said he hated it at first, but soon was really getting into the groove. He was playing with his slippery little clit while he drained all the men’s balls dry. So what I am saying is, unless you want to be a cock sucker warn a woman if you have a worthless little winky.

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