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Taking the Bus

I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Even when I was younger, I always had to be the center of attention, always had to have all eyes on me. So it made sense that, when I discovered sex, I was all about the idea of the risk of getting caught. I’d go out without panties all the time, I’d masturbate at the movies, I’d flash strangers on the street as they drove by. One day, I was riding the bus home, when a man got on at one of the stops, sitting across from me. Fuck, he was gorgeous. The sort who would make me cream my panties (if I had been wearing any, of course). As the bus started moving again, I crossed and uncrossed my legs, giving him brief glances of my bare pussy. I had fun teasing him the whole ride, until I reached my stop. I got up and flashed him a little smile, before getting off the bus, heading down the street. And then, out of nowhere, a hand wrapped around my arm, pulling me into an alley. It was the stranger from the bus, and it seemed that he had liked my little show… He pulled me deeper into the alley, until we were just barely hidden from view, but where anyone who happened to look in would be able to see us. He pressed me up against the wall, and I could hear him unzipping his pants, fishing out his cock. I didn’t see it, but I certainly felt it as he pressed it against my pussy, and I spread my legs for him, so he could push it inside. Fuck, it felt so good! I made half an effort to stifle my moans as he rode me, but not a full effort; again, the thrill of being seen, of some passerby seeing me getting fucked like a bitch in heat in an alleyway, was too great to ignore. I hoped that it would go on forever, but all good things must come to an end. He pulled out of me, and spun me around, forcing me down, until I was face-to-face with his cock, still wet with my juices. He pushed the head into my mouth as he came painting my tongue with his sticky cum. All but the last shot, though. For that, he pulled out, and angled his cock, so that I got a shot of his jizz right across my cheek. He gave me a smile, tucked his cock back into his pants, and was on his way, like nothing had happened. I somehow pulled myself together, but I didn’t even wipe my face. I exited the alley, wearing his cum on my face like a trophy, proud of my status as a public-use slut.

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